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mthayer 02-13-11 06:35 PM

went looking for a saddle and ended up with a new LBS
I went on the mission to find a new saddle for my tri bike since the saddle I had used was not working out on this bike. I ended up finding a new shop that I will be most likely will be buying the majority of my gear at.
The shop is Jack and Adam's in Austin. They are a tri shop, but they cater to road bikers, TTist, also. The guy who was helping me, took the time and explained the different saddles before I even asked him about any of them. He explained how and what I need, and why I would need it. I was liking a saddle that they had as a demo model, but they did not have the box or information on it. They ended up giving it to me at their cost, so I ended up getting another saddle, and some shorts while I was there. I inquired about the use of wetsuits and the owner, Jack, took the time explained the rules of wetsuits in tri races and exactly how a wetsuit works. I was impressed that they would take the time, explain the products, and help keep someone interested in the triathlon sport. They also carried up to 2 xl in all of their appearal.

thestoutdog 02-13-11 09:16 PM

You've got to love an LBS who is actually helpful AND knowledgeable. Thrilled that you found one.

cyclist2000 02-13-11 10:30 PM

That's great. Its really great to run into people that enjoy the business that they are in.

CliftonGK1 02-14-11 12:30 AM

Awesome. It's always nice to find a shop like that. I have 2 of them, but they don't have the frame I'm searching for, so I went to another shop today and was reminded of why I don't typically go there.

I'm building a SSCX bike for racing. I asked about a very specific frame designed for CX racing, with track ends. One tech looks on the computer and doesn't find it in stock. Another looks on a distributor list and finds out that they not only don't have it, but can't get it, either. So I ask about other options, since many companies discontinued their SSCX frames (like the San Jose, Tricross Single and Major One.)
"Hrm... Well, Specialized has the Langster."
"Let me stop you there. That's a road bike, with caliper brakes and low clearance. I need cantis and the ability to slam a pair of 35 knobbies on it."
"Bianchi still makes the Pista which is a single."
"MmmHmm. Again, track bike. Low clearance."
At last one guy finally managed to find the Salsa Chili Con Crosso, but for what it is, it's more than I want to spend by almost double; especially since I don't need the fork.

iqbal624 02-14-11 01:08 AM

We had a shop like that in our town... unfortunately, they are out of business now...

Santaria 02-14-11 08:23 AM


I was talking with my a friend the other day about the Masi CXSS. I think retail it was going for $1k on a complete build. You might wanna check around and find the price on their 2011 frameset.

Any shop that can get Salsa, can get the Masi.

RichardGlover 02-15-11 11:04 AM

There are four LBS shops nearby.

First, there's the mega-ultra chain store. It's not a bad place to shop for clothes, or a bike if you want what they have to offer, but for good help or information? Pitiful.

Then there's the store half a mile from my house. They cater to high-end road cyclist clientele from the snobbish neighborhoods nearby. They basically have nothing to offer me, other than the fact that they organize weekend rides that I might want to join.

Then there's the more traditional LBS on the other side of town. It's a small shop, locally-owned and operated. They target road cyclists and BMXers, which is an odd combination, but I suppose it works for them. I stop by there every time I can; I want to like them, but I haven't had a chance to give them much of my business.

The last,, is a one-man shop, operated by a bike mechanic whose love for cycling shines through his work. His inventory is sparse, but he's a great guy, and I'd like to see him succeed. His shop is about 15 miles away, but when I have to special order anything, I go to him first. His customer service is top-notch, and when I get my next bike, it'll be built by him, even if it costs me more than getting it somewhere else.

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