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Bdd2043 02-14-11 02:54 PM

First ride on new bike.. and frst in clipless.. WHEEEE
So today was nice enough I thought to Allez on the Allez! So wrenched on the SPD-SL pedals.. strapped on the shoes and said.. "Meh, how hard can it be?" and drive to the trailhead in slippers.

On thing I didn't count on was there are 3 road crossings on my trail and I had to stop and start again. Hmm how the hell am I going to do that today. I'm still shaky on the clip-less deal. I tried it in a lower and a higher gear. Not sure which one worked better but I didn't die. So Im calling it a win! It did seem a lot more efficient and I didnt have a sore foot after.

I decided I DO like the clip-less pedals. Aside from the weirdness of stopping and starting, and a miss once which was embarrassing, but who really saw me? Some gal on a bike that cost more than my truck. Like i never happened to her??!!

LOVED the new bike! SOOOO much better than the MTB on he road trail! I used to struggle to maintain 13mph on my MTB, but was there immediately on my Allez! Just a 8.5 mile jaunt, I think I averaged about 12mph and hurt afterward. Not in a good place.. :eek: Forgot to move the gel from the MTB.. OW. Thats done NOW.. :notamused:

SO YAY! First ride in! I love it! I'm SO going to enjoy this again!

Ride on!


Bdd2043 02-14-11 04:08 PM

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My New toy

dgrenthum 02-14-11 04:22 PM

i hear you about the clipless. Its like a whole new wonderful world. Practice getting in and out and remember you will fall, it will happen, its just a matter of when.

psalm 02-14-11 04:26 PM

I've been saving my pennies to get some clipless pedals.

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