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CliftonGK1 02-24-11 11:49 PM

Can I get some help from my fellow Clydes & Athenas?
I'm searching like a madman for a Redline Conquest Pro Singlespeed frame (no fork) in 60cm measurement. They made them. They shipped them all somewhere. I just can't find a shop around here that has one, and there's no ETA from the factory on when the 60cm is going to arrive back in stock.

If anyone happens to know of a shop anywhere in the lower 48 that has one of these, I'll happily work out payment for shipping and your time/effort to box it up and send it to me. I can't even find an online retailer that has one right now!

B.Alive 02-25-11 05:32 AM

Looks like they have one here:

CliftonGK1 02-25-11 07:46 AM

I'll give 'em a call this morning, but I have my doubts. Most of these online joints (this place is in NV, but their warehouse is in NJ) don't have stock, and the 4 I've called already have said "It can ship within 3 or 4 days". Meaning they'll gladly take payment, call SBS (Seattle Bicycle Supply, the sole distributor of Redline products), and probably find out the same thing I did by calling them; there just aren't any 60s in stock right now.

But on the off chance they actually hold warehouse stock, I will call them. Keep your fingers crossed!

bassjones 02-25-11 09:59 AM

let us know

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