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Starting new lifestyle change

Clydesdales/Athenas (200+ lb / 91+ kg) Looking to lose that spare tire? Ideal weight 200+? Frustrated being a large cyclist in a sport geared for the ultra-light? Learn about the bikes and parts that can take the abuse of a heavier cyclist, how to keep your body going while losing the weight, and get support from others who've been successful.

Starting new lifestyle change

Old 02-28-11, 10:19 PM
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Starting new lifestyle change

The time has come! Starting tomorrow, March 1st., i will be on my new lifestyle program. I am excited to get started! No more sitting on my butt doing nothing. I will be out there everyday working on fitness. This also includes a diet too.

I just turned 46 a month ago, almost 6 foot and weigh 260 pounds. Joined this forum a few weeks ago as i want to start riding a bike everyday. I am really excited about starting this hobby and sport! As i stated in my other post, i have a bike on layaway and should have it paid off in 3 or 4 weeks. A Trek 7100. Until i get that bike, i will be walking. My plan is to walk a minimum of 4 miles every single day until i get my bike. I bought a pedometer yesterday to track my distance.

The hardest part so far, i gave up beer 7 days ago! I am craving it real bad. But i know drinking beer will be bad for weight, and if i get drunk, i will not want to go out and exercise.

Please give me your advice on anything i can do to get off to a good start and stick with it. Or anything you would like to advise me on. Your support and encouragement will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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Old 02-28-11, 10:43 PM
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It's a day at a time. Take it that way.

If you screw up one day. get back on track the next.
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Originally Posted by XLTKID
The hardest part so far, i gave up beer 7 days ago! I am craving it real bad. But i know drinking beer will be bad for weight, and if i get drunk, i will not want to go out and exercise.
I heard that, brother. Yesterday was the 4 week mark when I gave it all up - didn't like the way it made me feel the morning after the night before, didn't like the way I'd get hungry and gorge after I drank. It's hard. You might need to find other things to keep your mind occupied (when I quit drinking, I threw myself in to learning how to work on bikes, I'm a fair to middling wrench, now, if I do say so my damn self). Also, remember that with the lack of booze, the body will be wanting a sugar replacement, so you might want to keep an eye on that.

Advice? Well, don't over do it. My tendency is to go headlong in to something do waaay too much at the outset and either a) injure myself, which leads to extended time off, loss of progress and possible back sliding, or b) mentally burn out, much to the same result. That said, if you do wind up getting injured (it happens), allow your body time to heal. Incremental adjustments are the way to go - sure, it's sexier to lose 30 lbs in 2 mos, but losing 50 in 12 is a helluva lot more sustainable over the long term. Also, do not focus on the entire amount of weight you want to lose...just focus on losing the next pound. That's what's important, now. Finally, if your eating/not-drinking plan gets derailed (it happens), get right back on the wagon. I know from experience the rationale that says "Welp, I've already messed up my diet, so....screw it!" and leads into A Complete Loss of Control for the rest of the weekend (or week or month, depending on how things are going).

Finally, like Historian and [Insert your favorite addiction] Anonymous says "One Day at a Time" (the life philosophy, that is...not the TV show with Snyder).

Welcome to the club!
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Old 03-01-11, 01:03 AM
Clydesdale, for now.
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Good Luck mate.
Fat man trying to reform. slowly. :)
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NOW 286lbs
TARGET 168lbs
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Pace yourself. Don't burn out by starting too hard right away.
And like the Historian says, "One day at a time".

I'm about your weight (250 lbs) and have just given up sugar, bread and processed food.
I'm having a hard time getting out for training rides, but compromise by taking my bike to the grocery store, bank, post office... I'll get on those training rides soon enough.

I really like walking. If you are doing 4 miles per day, that would take me 77 minutes. Get some hills in there and it will really do you good.

You are not alone.
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Congrats on your new lifestyle and your new bike. You're going to have a lot of fun out there. I just want to ditto the other advice dished out to you. Don't over do it. Just take it one day - one meal - at a time. Slow and steady wins the weight loss race.

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Old 03-01-11, 06:57 AM
Watching and waiting.
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+1 on the advice given so far. +1 on the walking.
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Old 03-01-11, 07:53 AM
Starting over
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Best wishes for your new life. Take it a day at a time and if you fall off the path, don't waste time and energy beating yourself up - get back on it.
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The beer thing is a real killer. I gained nearly 30 lbs last year and it was nearly all from just drinking too often. I rarely have more than a 6 pack in a day but a couple of beers turns into a six pack which is 1000 calories of super refined sugar a day and 2 lbs of fat per week. I'm losing now,not by quitting, but by just drinking less often. I reward myself with a few drinks for going 3 days without and making sure I run a calorie deficit daily.

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Unless you've been walking quite a bit, and it doesn't sound like you have, 4 miles may be too much for you right now. I would suggest starting at around 2 miles and work your way up so you don't burn out quickly, or risk over training. Going from couch potato to 4 miles of walking a day could lead to injury if you're not careful. Take your time, build up your mileage and you'll be more likely to stick with it long term and get that weight off and keep it off.
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I like your choice of wording with "Lifestyle", it sounds nice and looong term.

My advice would be start slow when it comes to fitness, nothing kills new motivation like minor overuse injuries and aches like tendinitis. Listen to your body, you'll know when you can start pushing yourself and Don't underestimate proper warm-ups, cool downs and stretching. Always take steps to aid in recovery! Massaging/foam rolling, icing, replenishing after a ride, sleep and rest days all help aid in your muscle recovery and will help make you stronger.

Changing your Nutrition Plan will probably be the hardest thing, it was for me! The good thing is it's easy to know whats good and whats bad to eat, pay attention to nutrition labels. Do some research and write yourself up a nutrition plan.

Pre making my meals a few days in advance really helps me keep it clean, you might try that.

Just think of this as getting a stalled car moving...your going to be pushing at first to get that car moving inches, slowly. It's going to be hard, the hardest at the beginning. The longer you push the quicker the car will get going. Soon enough its momentum will take over and all you'll need to do is jog behind it giving it pushes every once and a while to keep it going.
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