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jleiwig 03-01-11 07:15 AM

Clyde specific brake pads
Is there one brake pad set that's better than another for us larger gents? I've got the old cantilever style brakes on my mountain bike, so I'd like to stick with those pads. Should I go with the Koolstop salmon? Or is there something that would work just as well?

lucienrau 03-01-11 07:21 AM

I'd go with the salmon kool stops. They're much better than any other pads that I've used especially in wet conditions.

bautieri 03-01-11 08:31 AM

If I recall, Koolstop makes a half salmon/half regular compound pad which might make a better all-round brake pad than a straight salmon. You won't go wrong with a salmon, though. A halfie might give you better pad life provided you don't do a significant amount of cycling in the rain.

sstorkel 03-01-11 10:58 AM

Koolstop salmon-colored pads stop very well, especially in the rain, but seem to wear a bit quicker than stock pads. In dry conditions, with my less than stellar braking technique, I can't tell much/any difference between Koolstop salmon and Koolstop black pads. As Bautieri suggests, the Koolstop dual-compound pads might be a good compromise between pad life and wet weather performance.

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