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jleiwig 03-05-11 05:29 PM

Help me outfit my bike
So far all I have a water cage, frame pump, an underseat wedge (which houses a spare tube, patch kit, tire levers, and a chain tool)

I want to replace the chain tool with an all in one tool that has multiple things, probably the Topeak Alien II

I also plan on adding another bottle cage and 2 of those insulated podium chill bottles.

Other than moola and a cell phone, what else do I need(ok..want (just being realistic :lol:)) for doing some 50-60 mile rides?

10 Wheels 03-05-11 05:34 PM

Mirror, lights for day riding. 2nd spare tube, master link for the chain. Tire boot. Spoke wrench.
Compass, Bell, Air horn for dogs.

exile 03-05-11 05:43 PM

If you have a bike and are willing to pedal you don't need much else.

Some things you will learn along the way. Sort of the moments when you start thinking "man I wish I had a camera," or "darn it,I should have packed a lunch" or "Why does Mr.Beanz get to ride with Gina in Cali, and i'm stuck with this so-and-so in Ohio ;-)".

Basically go out and enjoy the ride. If you figure out you need something then don't forget to bring it the next time.

mthayer 03-05-11 07:02 PM


Originally Posted by exile (Post 12318558)
"Why does Mr.Beanz get to ride with Gina in Cali, and i'm stuck with this so-and-so in Ohio ;-)".

I liked that.

Carry something to eat. Bonking really sucks. Also, make sure you carry fresh glue for the tire patches. If you have to use it, replace it when you get home.

StephenH 03-05-11 07:10 PM

It can depend a lot on the ride, too. For 60 miles, 2 water bottles isn't enough for me when it's hot. And if it's hot, I carry a small washcloth to wipe sweat with. I changed my cleats a while back, looked at the old screws and thought "Those are pretty small, light, and I'd be up a creek if I lost any...", so I threw them in my repair bag. I've yet to find a mirror I like, myself. Haven't felt the need for a compass or air horn on my bike, for that matter. I didn't like a bell and removed, hollering "On yer left!" works about as well. I've got a trunk bag, so I carry a number of other little potentially handy items in it. At times, a lock might be handy.

captnfantastic 03-05-11 09:34 PM

you will need a lifeguard whistle.
a pack of waterproof matches.
an emergency blanket.
A signal mirror.
A swiss army knife.
A blow gun with poison infused darts
And this:

bike_boy 03-05-11 09:44 PM

Carry your ID, medical insurance card, emergency contact info. Of course, there's the Road ID option, too.
Optional: tire valve stem extender, Presta to Schrader adapter, a small wrap of duct tape; wrapped around a tire lever.

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