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jboyd 03-05-11 05:46 PM

It Followed Me Home. Can I Keep It? 2011 Giant XTC 1
It followed me home today. I promise to take care of it and get it dirty and beat the living hell out of it:thumbsup:

I had a temporary raised bar put on, plus my trusty Pure V Seat and Ergon grips and the Azonic 420s. Here is the killer though. I am still not released from my recent surgery to ride. St. Patties day will be my Go Date. I couldn't even take the bike off of the rack. Had to get my wife to do it as it is about 11# over my 15# current lift limit. I just could not leave it at the shop any longer. I at least had to get it home and into my office so we can get to know each other;)

As soon as the weather straightens out, i will get outdoor pics up (you know, the one leaned up against the white garage door). I am so stoked. What a cool bike:cool:

2011 Giant XTC 1

DX-MAN 03-05-11 05:54 PM

I was the same way when I got my Sun Equalizer wheelset; I know it was going to be a MAJOR step up from the damned Deore disc/Rhyno Lite setup I'd had crutching me through the winter.'s worth the wait...........

jethro56 03-05-11 05:57 PM


exile 03-05-11 06:06 PM

If that is not motivation enough to get healed up quickly then I don't know what is.

Mr Danw 03-05-11 08:07 PM

Congrats on the new wheels.

B.Alive 03-05-11 10:56 PM

Awesome looking steed you got there!

OiS 03-06-11 06:53 AM

Nice looking machine that. Good luck on the recovery so you can get out on the road on it! Just remember, small steps - don't let your enthusiasm out strip your physical limits!

SRR 03-06-11 11:10 PM

No, you absolutely cannot keep it - I'll take it off your hands - you know, for your own protection :-)

AngelGendy 03-06-11 11:50 PM

I've never had a new one follow me home.... Mine always have..... potential..... Yeah that's it

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