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FrenchFit 03-06-11 11:45 AM

Vuelta XRP Tourist Wheelset
I seem to be obsessed with wheels this weekend as I do maintenance on my bikes, and watch the rain. I did a search on the XRP wheelset I owned and failed, but the BF search function leaves much to be desired. This is one of those PSA type posts if anyone is considering buying this wheelset.

A year ago I was planning a challenging costal ride; weight was up and my loaded bike was approaching 300lb all in. Figuring my everyday wheels wouldn't cut it, even though I have had zero issues over a lot of years, I bought those Vuelta XRP's and threw a pair of Schwalbe Supremes 32 on them. I figured "bombproof". And, the price of the wheelset at Bikeisland was pretty crazy low.

My review is those 36 spoke, aero Vuelta XRP Tourists did feel pretty bombproof, they were also very heavy. I lost maybe 3-4 mph cruising speed. On long grades I felt like I was hauling a trailer. And, those deep aero rims were unpleasantly noisy. I found this out training on them, switched out SMS 32s with hardcase 25s, still heavy and pretty darn slow. And note, that deep rim means finding presta tubes for bigger tires with a fairly long stem .. not so easy at local LBSs.

I ended up ebaying the "Tourists" at about half price. I currently run a 24/28 wheelset on the same bike, No issues.

And the SMS 32s? Picked up about 4 flats on roads I never get flats. EBayed them at half price.

So, this is one of those "Stay with what works" posts.

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