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RatedZeroHero 03-06-11 05:30 PM

I hath returned... well sorta anyway...
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and I brought new hardware with me.
I'll stick some pix up but I got a TREK Sawyer... :D
quite an improvement over the late 80s Hard Rock...
OK back to lurking

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jboyd 03-06-11 05:59 PM

Sawyer huh? VERY NICE! I love the retro look. Welcome back, good to have another 29er convert.:thumb:

RatedZeroHero 03-06-11 09:25 PM

yeah the Sawyer. only thing I dont like is it could be a 23" frame... but it is OK. got it for leisure singletrack and town errands/daily commuter... saving the pennies for a HiFi Pro or Deluxe in 23"... walked into a new Trek store is west Phoenix thinking they do not make steel frames... well there it was in the window rode it then bought it. couldn't pass on it and for $1,200 instead of MSRP I had to jump cause if a shop had to order it I wouldn't have got any breaks... great shop, great guys. SRAM 7 and hyd Juicy disc are marked improvments to what I had on the old Hard Rock... I have heard negatives about the bike but it is just what I wanted retro looking, it will be a sought after bike someday... it is heavier and un-sprung... hmmm I'm 6'6" 275ish at the moment so I could lose 30 pounds and basically be riding air by comparison... so... it is awesome!

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