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badgermac 06-09-11 07:11 PM

Back in the Saddle...
So I've lurked here and periodically posted here for 2 years or so, but made some major life changes in the past 12+ months.

March of last year I was at 403LBs, but was mere months away from Gastric Band surgery. Had that done Memorial Day 2010. I'm now down right at the cusp of 300 and have energy like I can't remember EVER having...

I've had my share of bikes over the years, and right now my stable includes my 2006 Sequoia and my new edition to the family 3 weeks ago, a 2011 Rockhopper 29er Comp. Been riding that all over town and even some MTB stuff on the local Milwaukee trails. Having a ball.

My son has been riding with me and we even picked up one of those trailer bikes for my 5 year old and we're riding the paved trails as a family (wife is on her hybrid).

I'm riding a couple miles at night (have about an hour free time between work and getting kids down for bed). For me getting out on my own is a big deal. I have social anxiety issues and am generally anxious about riding in city locales. I'm not self conscious per se but rather just anxious about traffic, etc.

Just thought I'd post again since I'm still out here lurking!

Spudd 06-11-11 01:02 PM

Welcome! I think you'll find, the more you ride the more you'll get used to the traffic and stuff. Really big roads still make me nervous but I feel pretty comfy on most roads nowadays (been riding for about a year).

BigJohn20 06-11-11 04:57 PM

I just got back into riding this Friday after not hopping on a bike since I was 16 (9 years ago). I was up over 350 at one point, now down to 285. Picked up a Cannondale SL2 29er and plan on taking it out on the local trails once I get used to riding again. I rode 5.5 miles yesterday and a little over 6.5 miles today. I'm a little sore all over, but it's a good sore. I'm also a little nervous about riding on the major rodes, so I plan on breaking myself in over the next couple of weeks.

badgermac 07-13-11 05:55 PM

Been out and about and getting more comfortable on city streets. Have hit a couple local trails with my wife and kids (son on his bike, daughter on the tag-along bike attachment) and did a couple 6-8-10-12 mile rides with them.

I wish it had been there when I was a kid but my home town of Oconomowoc (pronounce that if you're not from the area! :) ) has a nice trail that runs to a neighboring town and the wife did 15m this past weekend.

Been using my Rockhopper 29er for my city riding and my Sequoia for the trail and road rides with my wife on her Giant FCR.

The solo riding is getting better, less anxiety about the city streets - not anxious about people seeing me (I could give a hoot) but just rather the traffic, etc. makes me a tad nervous.

goldfinch 07-13-11 06:14 PM

Hey, I can say Oconomowoc!

Congratulations on the weight loss.

GeoBigJon 07-13-11 08:02 PM

Congrats on the weight loss. Keep logging the miles and loosing the weight, awesome.

badgermac 07-13-11 08:03 PM

My lap-band surgery last year has helped, but I stalled on the weight loss. Following the diet plan pretty well and my intake has DRASTICALLY reduced, but I have to wonder at times if my body is holding on to the weight because I'm not eating like I used to...

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