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magohn 06-11-11 07:51 PM

45 Mile Sponsored Ride - A Clyde Video Report and Improvement!
Just got back form the Cascade bike clubs summer 45 mile hilly ride. Approx 45 miles and 2300 ft of climbing according to my Garmin. The ride is available in 25, 45, 65 and 100 mile packages. I was going to do the 65 but as I rode the 45 last year after cycling for only 3 months, I wanted to see any improvement this year. I am happy to report that I added almost 2mph to my avg mph and also cut out 50% of the "breaks" from last year. I finished 45 mins faster than last year and felt great.

I purposely started slowly as I know there are three good-sized hills on the 45 mile route. I had to stop on the first as I fell sideways in my cleats on a 19% grade hill. Other than that I did slow but steady on the hills and for the last 10 miles had gas left in the tank to finish strongly. I even managed to throw out a few "On your left"'s as I actually passed people on the flatter ground. All in all, a great ride.... :D

ZIPP2001 06-12-11 11:22 AM

Thanks for sharing, and that's an impressive improvement over last years ride.

steve85 06-12-11 01:13 PM

Very cool, great job dude.

GeoBigJon 06-12-11 03:42 PM

Great improvement, thanks for sharing.

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