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KBentley57 06-13-11 09:42 AM

First 20+ mile ride
After a long weekend of no riding, I felt better than ever this morning when I hopped on the bike for my daily morning ride. I felt so good, that I extended my ride to about 22 miles without stopping :). I usually separate my rides into about 12-15 in the morning and 8-10 in the evening, but it wasn't as hard as I had expected to continue. I feel like I could have ridden 40 miles with no problem. It felt good when I was finished, a little too Is this how it starts? :)

ill.clyde 06-13-11 09:48 AM


don't add too much, too fast, but yes, this is how it starts :D

GeoBigJon 06-13-11 09:59 AM

Congrats on the miles.

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