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Erwin8r 06-13-11 02:36 PM

Giordana "Aussie Max" Shorts - Short Review
Hi all. I, like others on here, have had a difficult time finding cycling clothes that fit properly. For example, most XXL shorts fit me fine in the waist area, but are almost too long in length (I have a 38" waist and a 31.5 - 32" inseam). Well, it was a welcome surprise to find that Giordana XL shorts fit me great (after some hits/miss with other brands). The material used is fantastic, and the chamois is very comfy and well-placed. Sure, I've only used them for a short ride, but they were exteremly comfortable without any weird pressure points or shifting (in other words, they didn't ride down my backside... LOL!). I bought a set of Nike XXL shorts at the same time, and the Giordana's fit better--in the waist and at the legs. The Nike's actually felt a bit tighter in the waist, and had some weird material near the bottom of the legs that make them look almost too loose down there--maybe made for serious legs?

tortugaflats 06-14-11 09:43 PM

good to know. i can fit into xl pearl izumis but need xxl in LG. at 260 with 40 inch waist

dygituljunky 06-15-11 01:58 AM

Does the waist roll down in the front? That's the biggest problem I have with bike shorts.

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