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Mr. Beanz 06-13-11 04:53 PM

Sunday Ride Report and Pics...6/12
6/12........Today was a nice ride with Herb and Alyce. They took us through Orange, Irvine, Back Bay, PCH and SART, 47 miles. I knew something was up when Alyce chose to ride a bigger hill than the first time they took us for a ride in the area. Yeah, she lost some weight and it showed. She rode well and looked pretty good after the ride. The pic is after the ride so you miss out on the nice style she had minutes before the ride. Curled hair all doo'ed up. Darn helmets, they don't do a thing for pictures. Anyway, the pic doesn't do Alyce or Herb justice ha ha. As cyclist, we all know that but heck, real life rider pictures are a must on cyclist sites.

Ride was a little windier than last time and far fewer riders. Maybe we missed a holiday, I don't know but it was empty. I did have Gina wear my jersey to do some representin'. Way too small for me but I want to show it so I have her model it for me ha ha!

So we hit the coast and run into El Monarch a who rides back with us for a while. JMX of he forums and Roger for some chat. The return was nice with a tailwind. I did see a dude behind a in line skater pace line in green (video and still). I'm thinking it was Uncle Jam or Bonie. I'll get it straight sooner or later but we pass so quickly it's hard to get a good look in real time.

Overall, a beautiful day and a nice ride!

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