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Tarsyn 06-13-11 11:19 PM

My new bike
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I've been lurking for a while on these boards now but I thought I would just share with you what I got today. It is my first "new" bike since I was a kid. I have been fixing up and riding older bikes for quite a while now but decided it was time to get a new bike. It was a really hard decision. Ive been going back and forth between a Salsa Fargo, LHT, Bianchi Volpe, or a Cross Check. I finally settled on a LHT. I added some clipless pedals, and a Brooks saddle. I will add more to it as time moves along. I took it out for a ride tonight and need to make a few minor adjustments but all in all, it is a wonderful ride. (P.S. Im about 6'4" and 260 lbs. My goal is 220 lbs.)http://%3Ca%20href=%22

Erwin8r 06-13-11 11:58 PM

Nice bike! LHT's are such cool, versatile bikes!

Zoxe 06-14-11 03:57 AM

Great bike! Thanks for sharing!

Street Pedaler 06-14-11 04:06 AM

Sweet ride! I'm expecting a new ride within the next couple of days, myself. Exciting stuff, eh?

GeoBigJon 06-14-11 06:14 AM

Looks good and congrats! Thanks for sharing.

bautieri 06-14-11 09:20 AM

Nice ride!

ColoradoClark 06-14-11 10:36 AM

Congrats on your new LHT! I am just breaking in a LHT that I bought (used) on eBay a couple of weeks ago. I had two pinch flats in the first 30 miles on the stock LHT Slickasaurus tires. I upgraded to some 2" Schwalbe Marathon Supremes (my LHT is a 54cm w/ 26" wheels) last week. The Supremes provide excellent traction, awesome comfort and a high level of flat resistance, at the cost of a sleight gain in weight and rolling resistance: definitely a "win" for me at 235 lbs. I am using my LHT for commuting several times a week (just over 20 miles round trip) and weekend recreational riding, typically averaging 60-80 miles per week.

Your bike looks sharp! What kind of fenders did you put on your LHT?

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