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thestoutdog 06-14-11 02:39 PM

Clyde Ride Anyone???
At the end of my jaunt with Neil_B, we will be riding around the lake (or part of it) in Pymatuning, PA on Saturday, June 25th. All are welcome and encouraged to attend. Here's the ride

thestoutdog 06-15-11 02:37 PM

Well Neil, it looks like its just you and me!

Neil_B 06-15-11 10:18 PM

It's early yet. Also, putting a location in the subject line might have drawn more interest.

Pymatuning State Park, PA. Starting from Linesville Campground we'll circle the lower half of the lake clockwise, crossing into Ohio and then back into PA on the causeway. In addition to myself and Stoutdog you can see the famous carp:

Pymatuning is the only PA State Park in which visitors are allowed to feed the fish. The carp gather at the spillway and fight for pieces of bread.

Neil_B 06-21-11 09:49 PM

Bump. And then there were three. B.Alive is joining me and Stoutdog on the ride round the lower half of Pymatuning Saturday morning.

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