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yoink 06-15-11 08:09 PM

Rear Rack Recommendations?
Hi fellow Clydes/Athenas.

I'm getting back into cycling after about 5 years out of the saddle. I have a Trek Navigator 7100 hybrid that I'm using as a fitness cycle (trails and commuting) until I drop around 80 pounds, then I'd like to get a road bike and use the hybrid as a kick-around bike for commuting and errands.

What is a good rear rack for my Trek hybrid? I'd like to maybe use it for panniers as well. The Topeak Explorer seems to get good reviews. Do I want V-supports or U-supports? What the benefits/drawbacks of each?

dygituljunky 06-16-11 06:43 AM

I wouldn't (or I didn't) worry about the engineering differences between the racks. For me, the main concern was being able to carry the gear that I need to carry. I started out with a standard-sized rack and quickly discovered that I would heel-strike with almost any load. I switched to a expedition rack and finally had enough room for my heels (I think it's a Jandd rack but my bike is in the shop so I can't confirm that).

I carry a garment bag pannier and hang a reusable grocery bag or cooler box off of that for my lunch bag. Together, that probably weighs about 25-30 lb.

In summary, I would more worry about budget, fit (on the bike and you+rack+panniers), and weight capacity.

A nice feature to have on a rack is a built-in light mount but this is entirely up to you on priority.

bradtx 06-16-11 06:57 AM

yoink, I've used Blackburn racks for years, they're fine for ~20 lbs. The touring bike has an Old Man Mountain rack as weight capability is ratcheted up quite a bit. Other well respected racks (carriers) are Tubus and Bruce Gordon.


Mithrandir 06-16-11 07:11 AM

I have a Blackburn MTN rack:

Works great, pretty lightweight but sturdy.

Altair 4 06-16-11 07:20 AM

I recently installed a Racktime TourIt rack and bought the optional ClampIt spring for it from Bike Bag Shop. No complaints so far - solidly assembled (30 kg. or 66 lbs. capacity), installed easily, handles my Ortlieb panniers nicely, and the clamp adds some flexibility.

FrenchFit 06-16-11 07:30 AM

If you want a no nosense utilitarian no heel strike last forever rack I can recommend the Jandd Expedition, (large). If you don't want something that big and sturdy there are a dozen to choose from, the Delta Mega is a great smaller rack for the price. I have a Tubus Luna on a fast rando bike; a great specialty rack (unless you need a top platform).

CraigB 06-16-11 07:45 AM

You might not have seen this thread, since I misspelled "rack" in the subject line...

Seattle Forrest 06-16-11 10:45 AM

I got a Topeak disc rack at REI recently; somebody had returned it because it was missing the rails that connect the rack to the seat tube. This one cost $10, when it retails for about $50, and their bike shop sold me a set of rails for $6. I have another rack that was $15 on Craigslist; the new one is for my GF.

My recommendation is to shop around, find one at a discount, and, so long as it's satisfactory, get that one. It doesn't matter so much which particular one you wind up with. They all do the same job.

JohnA42 06-16-11 02:24 PM


Originally Posted by yoink (Post 12794145)
Hi fellow Clydes/Athenas.The Topeak Explorer seems to get good reviews.

I've got the Topeak Super Tourist DX. If you think you might ever get a Topeak trunk bag, get a Topeak rack. The "slide and click" mechanism makes putting the bag on and off way simple.

zoste 06-16-11 02:36 PM


Originally Posted by JohnA42 (Post 12797788)
I've got the Topeak Super Tourist DX. If you think you might ever get a Topeak trunk bag, get a Topeak rack. The "slide and click" mechanism makes putting the bag on and off way simple.

+ 1

I have the MTX with the foldout panniers. It looks like the difference between the "U" supports and the "V" supports is that "U" might give a little more support to a pannier...I don't know...I just bought the "V" kind without giving it a second thought.

perspiration 06-16-11 03:34 PM

I just got the Tortec Expedition and it's freakin' excellent. It's sturdy enough to carry everything from 30-cases of beer to my friends and my backpacks and it goes far enough back where I have no concerns with heelstrike.

exile 06-16-11 04:00 PM

I just ordered the Topeak Super Tourist rack literally yesterday. I had an Axiom Odyssee (older model) that broke when I tried to re-bend it after the milk crate I had attached to it started bending the rear downwards (it extended beyond the rack).

I know the above rack and the expedition are highly regarded on the commuting forum.

kjmillig 06-16-11 04:31 PM

My picks in order: Tubus (Locc or Logo); Jannd Expedition; Topeak Super Tourist DX.

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