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she 06-16-11 05:36 PM

Really wonderful ride today on my commute
Nothing hurt :thumb: The seat didn't slide down, the wheel was running smooth with no problems like I have been having. I even wore bike shorts. :) The seat was at a perfect height so my legs didn't cramp. My hands didn't numb up because I put a shorter stem that's adjustable too. And all these things I learned from you guys. On my 1st day here I learned how to get off and on a bike without depending on the curbs. I used hand signals today. :eek: I'm not getting everything smooth but know every time I ride I'll get a little better. So thanks everyone for making this day go (at least my riding)smoothly. Now if I could just stick to my diet :o

goldfinch 06-16-11 07:22 PM

Good to hear! I am not a fan of painful rides. :)

green427 06-16-11 08:00 PM


Glad you had a great time. That feeling of euphoria becomes addictive.

FunkyStickman 06-16-11 08:15 PM

Sweet! Keep it up!

jethro56 06-16-11 08:17 PM


Keep the reports coming. I love reliving the joy of those first perfect rides.

jgjulio 06-16-11 08:53 PM

Great hear someone "dialing in"
Have fun

perspiration 06-16-11 11:33 PM

this thread makes me smile.

hold on to that happy feeling and fight the burn! :D

funrover 06-17-11 09:09 AM

Keep it up! :thumb:

Ali_Pine 06-17-11 10:36 AM

"Really wonderful ride today on my commute"

RIDER DOWN - Symptoms - enjoying commute - That means going to work?

Don't use that dirty word.

Pamestique 06-17-11 10:44 AM

Don't worry about the diet... I think you will be surprised by riding, and upping mileage, the weight will fall off. Plus exercise is a good diet controller.

Enjoy your rides, I know I couldn't get through a week without getting on my bike!

nfmisso 06-17-11 02:02 PM


Originally Posted by perspiration (Post 12799986)
this thread makes me smile.

hold on to that happy feeling and fight the burn! :D

+1 - sounds as good as my 10 mph tail wind this morning :)

CJ C 06-17-11 09:29 PM

awesome! cant wait to hear more great day posts from you. keep up the good work!

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