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GrtSaint72 06-17-11 03:22 PM

Another Weight Question
Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum and cycling too. A week ago I picked up an 07 Cannondale System Six that was a back-up bike for a road racer guy. The shop I purchased it at said the bike had a carbon front triangle, and an aluminum rear triangle. I currently weight in at 345lbs, but that is slowing going down due to running and now cycling. My question is will this frame be able to support my weight? I know the wheels are a major issue I am going to have to deal with. The current wheels are only 20/24 spoke wheels. I was planing on riding these wheels till I destroy them, and then pick up some wheels with a higher spoke count. So whats your guys opinion, will I destroy this frame with my weight or should it hold up?

Heres a picture of the bike.

wxduff 06-17-11 03:57 PM

The bike looks nice, I have a C-dale too and enjoy it.

I think the frame should be able to handle your weight, but I would recommend getting some wheels that can handle your weight now, and save those ones for when you loose the weight and can enjoy them.

jr59 06-17-11 04:28 PM

The frame will be fine.

Spend the money now and buy some stronger wheels.
There is nothing worse than to be out on a ride and have a wheel taco.
It's always a long walk home.

I would look into some cheap Tigra or 105 hubs with some Deep V rims 32 spoke double butted 3 x
Just get the hand built ones.

Then ride it like you stole it.

Seattle Forrest 06-17-11 04:58 PM

What wheels are those?

GrtSaint72 06-17-11 09:04 PM

They are shimano R500 wheels 20 front 24 rear

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