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Hammersmith 06-18-11 09:02 AM

After a week of rainy afternoons....
I got out of bed this morning at 6:30, left the house by 7:00, rear tire looked a little low to I tossed the floor pump in the trunk and figured I'd deal with it at the trail head.

Got the bike of the roof,threw on the Camelbak and grabbed the pump. I was down about 15 pounds in the tire so I brought it back up to my usual 45psi but when I took the pump off the entire presta valve ripped out of the tube and came with it, that's a first!

I always carry two tubes so I pulled out out and quickly swapped it and started pumping again, then POW! At 30 psi the tire blows off the bead that the tube explodes, another first for me with a floor pump!

Finally I got a good tube in the tire and was off...managed to get 10.5 miles in before 9:30 :thumb: but I need to replenish my stock in tubes!

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