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kinetic 06-19-11 08:38 AM

29'er Wheels/Tire setup
Hey gang, doing some traveling this summer and want to set up an alternate set of wheels.

I am:



Trek Kaitai ('11)

It will mostly be trail riding in N Georgia and valley rides in NC. No real serious climbing. I also will be doing singletrack down here in Florida.

The Kaitai came with semi-knobby 700 narrows, but is setup to take standard 29'ers.

I am looking to build up a set that I can just put right on for a quick swap from a road config to trail. So that means, what, wheels, hubs, rear cassette, and tires?

Price is a concern, so I know I'll have to cut corners.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys and gals.

nfmisso 06-19-11 09:06 AM

How wide a tire do you want to run? You are looking at ISO 622 rims, using the ISO designation will ensure that you get what you expect.

Sun Rhyno Lite rims are strong and relatively wide, good for tires in the 35 to 60 mm wide range.

If you are not switching the chain out, you will need a cassette with the same largest cog as what you have now, probably best to get the exact same cassette.

Best to get the same rear hub on both sets of wheels to minimize minor alignment differences that can screw up the index shifting. If you have disc brakes - applies to front also. No fun to re-align the brakes with each wheel swap; you'll quickly stop the swapping.

With respect to tires; need more information on the surfaces you are planning on riding on: like: hard pack, mud, sand, etc.

kinetic 06-19-11 09:12 AM

Hard Pack, but down in Florida it can be a sandy pack, if that makes sense.

I'll need to figure out how wide I can run on this bike, tire wise. I'll also try and figure out what hubs and casette are on there.

kinetic 06-20-11 06:35 PM

That's the most I can come up with. The CD manual the bike came with is worthless!

The quote from my dealer came back at $360 including labor........

c_m_shooter 06-20-11 08:15 PM

I would just throw a set of these on your standard rims.

Theye are cheapest at sjs even shipping from across the pond. I run them on my Tricross for mostly singletrack riding, but they roll nice on the road too. A slightly more aggressive front would be better if you plan to encounter anything wet though.

Another option would be a set of Small Block 8's, they roll better on the road than just bout any knobby, but work well aired down slighly off road. I've done a road century on them and can't say they really held me back.

nfmisso 06-20-11 09:40 PM

So build your own....
You have this hub per the manual you provided the link to:

but I'd go with the 36H version to allow Sun Rhyno Lite rims:
The 11-32 version of the PG820

Some Wheelsmith SS14 spokes for the left (non-drive) side, and DH13 spokes on the right (drive) side and you have a great rear wheel.

Here is a front hub comparable to your current one:

Use Wheelsmith DB14 spokes on the front.

And mount as big a tire as will fit in your frame and fork.

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