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Mithrandir 06-19-11 01:53 PM

First half century as a Clyde
7 years ago I was able to bike up to 50 miles, but I gained a little weight since then.

So today I decided to go for it, move my 50 mile goal up from October to today. And I did it: 57 miles.

For curiosities sake, I weighed myself before the trip and after. After the trip... after consuming 96 ounces of water, 4 granola bars, and 4 string cheeses, I weighed 12 pounds less (had no urge to urinate the entire trip... back for 30 minutes now, still no need to). So is this normal, or am I going to have to drastically increase the amount of water I bring? I completely ran out of the water around mile 48, and I noticed I stopped sweating around mile 50... which I'm guessing is because of dehydration and may be pretty dangerous?

Actually now that I think about it the best solution would probably be to buy more water on the trip itself... there's numerous gas stations I passed. Unfortunately there were none from about mile 32 to 55 since I headed out into the country, so by the time I thought about it, it was too late.

Is this a normal amount of fluid loss, or should I be concerned?

The ride took me 6 hours and 3 minutes with breaks, or about 5 hours moving. My heart rate monitor says I burned 5497 calories... is that in any way realistic?

Mithrandir 06-19-11 02:42 PM

Also... it's a bit more than an hour ago now, I've just been sitting around and my pulse is still 110-120... is this something I should be concerned with? I just did nearly 5 hours of biking so...

drmweaver2 06-19-11 04:03 PM

Can't say much about the pulse rate.. OTOH, I am a drinking machine when I go out riding, always have been. Unlike most people around me, I carry 2 1-liter bottles of water and 1 1-liter Gatorade with me regardless of the ride length. (I'm simple - do the same thing repeatedly, you build habits and lessen the chance of "forgetfulness"/oversight). I sweat like a pig right up to the point where I quit sweating and become a candidate for a heat-related injury - which I have had in the past. I've been a victim of both heat stroke and heat exhaustion (fun at Ft. Huachucha, AZ and Ft. Benning,Ga during different summers).

My point, get another bottle and carry it. Can't hurt.
Or, when you know you're about to turn and ride away from "civilization" and into the "country" where there are few to zero gas stations/stores, stop and buy a drink. Then buy another as soon as you return to civilized areas.

Not sweating is not a good thing.

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