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MLKATO 06-20-11 06:22 AM

How many have cruiser handelbars on mtn bikes?
I've seen some pretty cool set ups on the touring page. I'm not going to tour right now,but wondering what is the advantage of the old cruiser type bars over the mtn bike/bar end set up? Is it personal set up,comfort? Both? And if you went with the old cruiser type bars,would you have to add a new stem as well?

steve0257 06-20-11 09:17 PM

I have a Globe Vienna II that I put a set of Nitto Promenade bars on. With me it is a matter of comfort. Putting my hands in position to grip flat bars causes me to have wrist and elbow pain after about a hour. Just rotating the wrist the 90 degrees to grip the new handlebars eliminated the pain.

Arvadaman 06-21-11 05:24 AM

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I do! I do!

I built a speed cruiser for my wife. I like the idea of a cruiser but I wanted mountain bike gears to make it easier for her to climb hills here in Colorado.

I followed the example here:

Here it is.

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