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Teon 06-22-11 10:14 PM

Update on my "new" old
So got a few goodies installed on my new-to-me road bike(see sig).....
Some comments and questions.....

Got a Cat Eye Strada wireless bike computer on it.....after lots of patience and many adjustments and testing, got it working it!!! Works great, and the readout is fine for me, even though I wear glasses. It's a flat monochrome readout, so I imagine even in bright sunlight it should be good. I might still need to make a few minor adjustments to the tire sizing on the computer, but it sure seems to be close. Was very close on both mileage and speed tonight.....I

Also put a Planet Bike LED front and rear light set on it.....geeze, the lights are BRIGHT!!!! Works for me. Also got a seat bag on it, an air pump, and of course, a water bottle.

My questions:
Bike rode odd noises. Altho just a hint of a low frequency vibration when in a higher gear and pushing hard from a low speed....doesn't last long.....once I get up to speed, the bike is whisper quiet. I'm wondering if it might be the new tires? Also, my tires need a bit more air.....think they're around 80psi right now, and I really need to get them closer to 90. That being said, I absolutely love the Panaracer Paselas.......really nice tires!!!

Also, quite a bit of chain slap when I am peddling along in a higher gear and then coast(only brief chain slap when I stop peddling, but very definite and noticeable)......after the ride, I noticed quite a bit of oil from the chain slap on the horizontal frame member between the rear hub and bottom bracket(hopefully I have the terminology correct).

I seem to remember this sort of chain slap from my old 10 speed days.....should I be concerned about this, and is there anything I can get to protect that frame member, since there is no covering on it, like there is on some other frames? Or do I need to adjust the rear derailer and it's tensioning? Or maybe due to the age of the bike, the chain might need to be replaced? All stuff that I am more than willing to do on my own.....I want to learn, so.......

Also, I noticed a bit more flex in the handlebar than I like. I might just be a bit anal retentive here, but every once in a while when was I riding on the hoods, and pumping hard, or just testing the back and forth maneuvering of the bike, I noticed a very small bit of flex in the bars. I'm already thinking about getting a longer quill, or a quill to threadless head adapter and bringing the bar up higher(as I am thinking my back might really start screaming over this low bar height.) If I do that, I'll get a new handlebar, as well.....any suggestions?

Brakes on the bike are doing much better now, as I readjusted the rear ones....they're grabbing much better, but also squealing a tad under hard braking....I probably need to clean the rims......front brakes still need to be adjusted a tad tighter, although I have always liked some extra play in the front brakes just to guard against doing anything

Also, one last question. Due to the age of the bike(1987), and not much idea about it's use, storage, whatever......would I be wise to go ahead and do some bearing cleaning and re-greasing? And if so, what sort of grease do people here recommend?

Thanks in advance for any tips, suggestions, whatever.

And my apologies for the novella length post......I'm still a noob, so I ask a lot of dumb questions......:o

And yes, I'll be sure to post some more recent pics of the bike, if people want, even though it doesn't look much different from the

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