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Is Any Bike Under $400.00 Safe for a 332 Pound Rider ?

Clydesdales/Athenas (200+ lb / 91+ kg) Looking to lose that spare tire? Ideal weight 200+? Frustrated being a large cyclist in a sport geared for the ultra-light? Learn about the bikes and parts that can take the abuse of a heavier cyclist, how to keep your body going while losing the weight, and get support from others who've been successful.

Is Any Bike Under $400.00 Safe for a 332 Pound Rider ?

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Is Any Bike Under $400.00 Safe for a 332 Pound Rider ?

I restore and resell dumpster bicycles. Many of my bikes are as new with the addition of new cables and tires. Today I had a 332 pound guy come by for a cheap bike. I cautioned him about riding at all because at 240 pounds I've had several brand new bikes suffer immediate failure within one mile. He passed up some heavier bikes I had for $100.00 and insisted on buying a premium Used wide wheeled $120.00 Walmart bike for $50.00. I don't think the bike will last him 5 miles so I'm sure he'll be back for something better. My main concern now is can any modern bike under $400.00 new carry a 332 pound rider without something failing ?
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No idea, but now I'm suddenly glad I decided to put money into my 1995 Chromoly GT bike rather than just buy a new one.
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If he wants a stated load limit above 332 he may find it in a utility bicycle, post on that board. All you can do is give advice: steel frame, as many spokes as possible, small diameter wheel would make the bike stronger. Steel frame BMX with mag wheels?

I think cheapy walmart bikes might have indestructible steel frames, it is the wheels and pedals that will fail.

My guess is he can fish a suitable steel frame out of the garbage on recycling day. Most of his cash should be spent on that rear wheel.
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Watching and waiting.
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I think my Giant Sedona would handle him well. As with any cheap bike he will need to maintain spoke tension, brakes, ect.
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IMO for weights above 250 lbs. the safest bike choice will be the bike that has a steel frame & non-shock fork with wheels that have no less than 36 spokes per wheel.

Also suggest that since OP refurbs bikes before he sells them that..... he refuse to sell any bike that he knows is NOT heavy duty enough for the riders weight to avoid any legal liability questions. This is a case of covering ones fanny in case of a lawsuit when a bike fails.
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I dislike clipless pedals on any city bike since I feel they are unsafe.

Originally Posted by krazygluon
Steel: nearly a thousand years of metallurgical development
Aluminum: barely a hundred, which one would you rather have under your butt at 30mph?

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Originally Posted by Nightshade
IMO for weights above 250 lbs. the safest bike choice will be the bike that has a steel frame & non-shock fork with wheels that have no less than 36 spokes per wheel.
That's BS. Cannondale rate their synapse carbon for 275 lbs. Specialized says no rider weight limit except if carbon stem or carbon seatpost. I bought my Specialized Allez when I was 300 lbs, I'm now 275 haven't had a single problem, not even a flat so far on more then 2000 miles.

I would recomment take a look or test ride the Giant Escape 2. It's MSRP is 419 but you might be able to find for less. I paid 380 or 390 on a 2012 one. Great bike. See if you can find a dealer and take one for a test ride.
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During my shopping for a bike, I expressed concern for weighing over 250 pounds and the ability of a road bike to hold up to my weight and abuse. Honest to Dog, EVERY SINGLE SALESMAN assured me that "these bikes have been tested for riders up to 205 pounds (a couple salesmen even suggested "250 lb's"), you're gonna be okay on anything on my showroom floor!"

Consider also that I am 5' 1" and have a 24" inseam, forcing me to choose between a custom-made frame/bike, or essentially a XS child's bike, maybe some kinda Euro Unisex upright seated Hybrid or unsprung Mtn. Bike sans top bar.......

After lots & lots of questions,
I decided that I wanted the comfort and flexibility of a quality steel frame, no less than 36 spokes, and a bike purposely built to carry the weight of lugguge & 'stuff' for touring. I also concluded that ya gets what ya pays for, so I steered clear of "cheap".

Having since logged 450 miles on my steel frame, 36 spoke, 26" wheeled 'touring' Novara Randonee road bike, I wish now that I purchased the new steel framed Novara Safari with it's touring "trek" bars and smaller, more durable 24" wheels.

It's fine to push the envelope of a bicycle's 'ability'/capacity/"tested for" IN A PERFECT WORLD with smooooth roads sans rocks, potholes, and unsuspected exprises. But given today's increasing class warfare...., ain' no rich folk gonna allow me in their perfect world with perfect roads where "COEXIST" bumper stickers, rainbows, Unicorns, and subscribing to the notion that 'government gonna take care of everything (and road surfaces) for you'.........

QUESTION AUTHORITY..... and salesman.
...and don't settle for cheap, or "...trust me..."
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They do everyday.

I ride old 1990's MTB's everyday. I bought all of mine from thrift stores. Everyone of them used. The one I rode today I bought for $12.50, a 1995 Trek 850 Mountain Track XC.

If the bike is a good quality starting bicycle, it will probably be fine. As long as he is not out jumping or abusing the bike, it will work just fine.
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Again- What is the max weight for a bike - This really needs to be addressed formally - I am pretty sure there must be someone out there that could make a fair observation by just eyeballing a bike and its components...

Some kind of archive is much needed!!!
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