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CalPastor 08-23-11 11:31 PM

Very Sad Story And Reminder To Be Careful

This is in my backyard... I ride between Visalia and Exeter every day. You have to always be the one responsible for your safety, you can't depend on others to watch for you.

chefisaac 08-24-11 02:41 AM

that is very sad. :(

DEK 08-24-11 06:57 AM

Very sad. :(

DaninTexas 08-24-11 07:03 AM

A reminder for everyone to be safe out there.

wfournier 08-24-11 07:24 AM

A very sad and tragic event.

I don't want to seem insensitive here, and I am not familiar with the roads in that area but I have to wonder how this could happen. As tragic is this is based on the information in that article I have to feel that the cyclist was at fault. Why was he traveling at such a high speed close to the runner? Maybe there we other circumstances (traffic etc) that forced him into that line but as the OP said you have to be responsible for your safety.

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