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wonderfulremark 08-24-11 12:48 PM

Operation 50
Hello Fellow Clydes/Athenas,

I am 6ft tall, weighing at nearly 250lbs.
As of 2 days ago, I decided to take charge of my life.

Being an Asian, I am not supposed to weigh this much and at this rate, I am facing a great risk of Type 2 and Heart Problems.

I started eating healtheir and smaller portion and today, I dug up my beat up/rusty $200 Supercycle and rode to work which is an one way 6mile commute totalling in 12miles per day.

And if I keep up with this Operation 50, my wife has agreeed to get me a better fitting bike, hopefully a Cannondale CAAD8 Sora.

Anyhow, you guys on this forum have inspired me so greatly and I thought I should introduce myself and say Hello.

Thank you.

Biggziff 08-24-11 04:37 PM

Congratulations on starting the process of owning your life. You're doing the right things as a foundation, reduced caloric intake and exercise. It took you many years to get to this point and will take years for you to get to where eating properly and exercising regularly will be your nature and not something you need to remember to do. There are lots of tools available to you to assist you with this. Use the ones you feel fit your lifestyle.

I wish you the very best....

jesse_v77 08-24-11 04:42 PM

Hey thats great man we should get in touch with each other and help each other out! I am the same as you, I commute to work and it is a 12 mile round trip. Im doing it mainly for exercise, 2ndly to save gas, and If I can burn down some weight Im going to buy me a better bike also! Right now I got a cheap $80 dollar special, I was going to get a real nice White GT, but Decided I better wait and reward myself with that down the road.
FYI I am 34 and 5'10" @341 currently so I need to make something happen as well.

Good Luck.

CraigB 08-24-11 04:53 PM

Congratulations on taking that first, tough step. Don't be a stranger. Post early and often.

jimnolimit 08-24-11 04:54 PM

I'm -37lbs with my anti-fat bastard mission. three tips:

1. eat right. don't try any crazy "diets", they usually fail.
2. don't weigh yourself too often, this will only drive you crazy. at most weigh yourself once a week, same time, under the same conditions. it's best if you weigh in every 2 weeks.
3. set up a reasonable plan and stay the course, it's easy to lose track. try not to go to extemes

remember, it took time for you to gain your weight, it will take time to lose it. No need to dive into the deep-end and shock your system. ultimately you're trying to reverse your bad habits, large ships make gradual turns. Good luck.

wonderfulremark 08-24-11 05:19 PM

Thank you for encouragements!
I will come back to this forum often and keep you guys in loop as well :)

ErickSaint 08-24-11 05:35 PM

Welcome aboard. I made the decision earlier this summer to take control. Best I've felt in awhile. Although I haven't been riding as much as I should, I've been spending an average of 60+ hours a week at work sweating my a$$ off, literally. The lifestyle change in eating and portion control has been key for me.

Biggziff 08-24-11 07:48 PM

Just food for thought...if you're a gadget guy you might consider something like a Garmin Edge 305 or a program for your phone that will track your data. The one thing that inspired me a lot was my Edge 305. Each ride I couldn't wait to get home and dump the data to see how I did. Was my heart rate down? Did I increase my average speed? Was my recovery faster than last ride? Really motivated me...

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