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P4D 08-27-11 07:28 PM

80 miles for the first time today!
With a century coming up, I was determined to up my mileage today. I made the 80 I had planned, but not without some much needed help over the last 8-10 miles from terbennet. New friend to me, and very glad to have met him. I feel like I could have ridden Pacific Coast Highway all day, with 75 degree temps and a gentle ocean breeze. The climbing thermometer had the temps near my house at 93, and the rising heat really worked me. He was there in my ear encouraging me along and helping me push my pace. Very thankful for the help home.

I also had a chance to talk to the Mayor, and Gina and it's always a pleasure to say hi!

chefisaac 08-28-11 01:52 AM

great job! Any issues on the ride? What century are you looking to do?

P4D 08-28-11 08:23 AM know, other than running out of gas towards the end, I have just one issue-the ring and pinkie fingers on my left hand are numb, and moreso at the tips and moreso in the pinkie. Might be my gloves, could be bike fit, but I need to get it sorted out.

Edit - cyclists palsy seems like the likely cause. I'm leaning on my hand too hard, compressing the ulnar nerve. I am pretty sure my gloves are contributing, I need to try a pair without gel padding, and adjust how I rest my hand and put my weight on it. Curable, I just need to be attentive.

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