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Dbohling43 08-28-11 06:24 AM

New clyde learning a lot
At the beginning of august i started riding my walmart special schwinn skyline to work. I am 4 miles 1 way and mostly uphill gettung there. For some reason i just kept doing it day after day, also going on rides with friends doing 12-14 mile rides and felt great. I was inspired by this forum and decided to go for a road bike, and found a scott speedster s40 in my size and am taking my first ride with my 13 yr old son this morning. 45 yrs old, 6'0". And 286lbs aug 3rd, here it is aug 28th and weighed in at 272lbs yesterday. Who knew bicycling would be so much fun at this age. My son and I are signing up for the siskiyou half metric century in two weeks, and i'm nervous and excited.

RollCNY 08-28-11 08:01 AM

Welcome to BF. Sounds like the bike bug has bit you like its gotten alot of us. I wouldn't sweat your event ride. You are ramping up to it nicely.

Street Pedaler 08-28-11 08:27 AM

Welcome aboard! I'm 45 and I honestly think it's more fun now than when I was a kid. Nice bike you scooped up, too! :thumb:

glowrocks 08-28-11 08:38 AM

From one new rider to another: cheers!

It's true, I enjoy riding as much now as when I was a kid.

Welcome to BF, now go ride! :)

Dbohling43 08-28-11 07:09 PM

I just got back from a 28 mile ride and it felt great.

Neil_B 08-28-11 09:30 PM


Rona 08-29-11 01:53 AM


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