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tarwets 09-26-11 10:48 AM

newbe question
I realize that maybe i should post this in the mountain bike forum but they seem to be so far advanced in the threads there that I hesitated and chose to try here. I am a clyde so maybe that will justify my post here. My wife wanted to ride with me so we found a used giant boulder MB that she liked. It fits her well. I replaced the tires with a more street friendly tread and she is happy. The one thing we noticed is that the front sproket teeth are close to her right ankle/calf. On my bike which is a differant breed, Trek Navigator, there is a small ring/gaurd between the sproket and my leg. She is concerned that she will get her pants leg caught in her sproket. Is there an aftermarket anything that will maybe help keep this from happening? I have no LBS within 80 miles of me to ask this question. Any help will be appriciated. Oh yea, she is not going to ride her bike in shorts or bike pants, she a blue jeans kind of gal. Thanks

ill.clyde 09-26-11 10:52 AM

rubber band around her pants leg

cyclokitty 09-26-11 11:01 AM

How about a bash guard mounted over the big ring?

tarwets 09-26-11 11:17 AM

Bash Guard!! thats probably what I have on mine. Thank you for helping me out, like i said I am a newbe. So to take this a little farther, when I do get to go to a Bike store i can ask for a bash guard and they will know what i need? This is not something like a carburater belt or muffler fluid right?

tarwets 09-26-11 11:20 AM

ok, I did a quick search and realize you were not funning me. Thanks, this forum has been very helpful. :-)

cyclokitty 09-26-11 11:24 AM

Naw, luckily the bash guard is pretty common on a mtn bike -- heck, there's one on my comfort bike! It's made from light weight aluminum and gets installed over the big ring and the bike store ought to be able to install it. I did a quick google search for "bash guard" and they look pretty inexpensive, like in the $18 range (they do go for much higher, but doubt you'd need to splash out and spend $80 for one).

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