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Redstrat 09-28-11 01:00 PM

Road Tires on Mountain Bike
Since most of the riding I am doing is on streets and paved roads at this point and since I cannot get the bike I really am looking for for a bit, a Trek 7.1, I will have to do with my Fuji, So My question is which road tire would you go for under $50ea?
the tires would be a 26x2. tire.


10 Wheels 09-28-11 01:09 PM

I would go narrower with a 26-1.75. 1.90
Something like this these.

CACycling 09-28-11 02:14 PM

If the rims are narrow (which is the case on many MTBs), you can go with these:
I put them on my wife's comfort bike and they work well.

ChrisM2097 09-28-11 02:31 PM

I've got these (click) on my MTB ('07 Rockhopper), and like them very much. About $40 for the pair, so their not too pricey, either. 1.5" wide, and are rated to 100 PSI.

skylineguv 09-28-11 03:08 PM

I run Tioga City Slickers (26 x 1.95) on both mine and the wife's MTBs and am happy with them. They're quiet, they roll nicely and seem to be lasting really well.

LesterOfPuppets 09-28-11 03:22 PM

My favorites so far are Performance Slick City 26x1.25". Much narrower than posted preference but they're nice and they're cheap.

Less nice on the road but better on mellow trails are my Michelin Country Rock 1.5" semi-slicks.

maidenfan 09-28-11 11:40 PM

I've used Panaracer's Ribmo 700x35 and Michelin's Pilot Sport 700x35 - great tires. Both were used on rims measuring 24mm - 28mm wide.

ClydesMoose 09-29-11 03:54 AM

I have a pair of these Kenda Kross on my DB.

So far they've been pretty decent tires for the price. Looks like Amazon has em for 2 for $24.

Arvadaman 09-29-11 04:32 AM

I like these.

GeoBigJon 09-29-11 05:42 AM

My Uncle, Hutchphoto did the same thing, not sure what tires he is running, but he liked the difference it made. Maybe he will chime in and say what tire he used.

RichardGlover 09-29-11 10:15 AM
Schwalbe Big Apples


They're big and fat and have not too much tread, so roll just fine. Also, kevlar bead puncture protection.

mikehattan 09-29-11 11:16 AM

I have the Maxxis Zenith folding ( in 1.5. They are smooth rolling and feel light and fast. Changed from IRC Metro 2.0. The 1.5s are more responsive, zippier and grippier.

RubeRad 09-29-11 11:53 AM

I put a pair of cheap-ass slicks from Nashbar onto my MTB and LOVED IT. It rekindled my love of cycling, such that a few months later I bought a road bike, and that MTB became my son's, you can see him on it here.

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