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mymojo 09-30-11 09:29 AM

My brain hurts
I just had a bike stolen. So now I am faced with a dilemma on the insurance check:

Do I:

Get a 2011 Tarmac and have one really nice carbon bike (with Apex)

- OR -

Buy an 08-09 Alum Soloist (with Ultegra) and use the money I save to build my Allez back up (with 105), thereby having two nice aluminum bikes to ride?

There doesnt seem to be a wrong answer here...

Fern53 10-01-11 08:30 AM

Is there any reason why you have to spend all the insurance money immediately? Why not consider rebuilding the Allez first and hold off on buying a second bike for the time being?

Maybe a decent used carbon bike will come along on CL- or a leftover model at the LBS. There are times when having a very expensive bike as your only bike may not be practical. Especially since you've lost a bicycle to theft already.

sstorkel 10-01-11 09:41 AM


Originally Posted by mymojo (Post 13299706)
There doesnt seem to be a wrong answer here...

Have you ridden the Soloist? I haven't but I have ridden the carbon fiber version of that bike, the S2, and wasn't terribly impressed with it. The box stock S2 was a tad heavy, less stiff than my Cervelo RS, and sitting atop the ultra-rigid aero seatpost was like riding a jack hammer!

I love the Specialized Tarmac and SRAM components plus I have a bunch of bikes that take up a ton of space but which I only ride occasionally. This would be a pretty easy choice for me: I'd buy the 2011 Tarmac. If you haven't use SRAM road components, make sure you take the bike for a lengthy test-ride. People who are used to the ultra-smooth shifting of Shimano components may or may not like the more mechanical nature of SRAM's shifting...

Mr. Beanz 10-01-11 11:29 AM

After going through a couple of aluminum frames (breaking at 13,000 miles), I myself would give carbon a try. Can't be any worse than the results I get from the aluminum frames. But I look for a lifetime frame warranty cause if "my money breaks", they are replacing it not me. :D

mymojo 10-02-11 06:04 AM

Well after much racking of the brain and many test rides at the LBS I wound up with an 09 Al Soloist.

oh yeah, and an older model Trek T-100 tandem. :D It needs some tweaking, but it looks like its gonna be a lot of fun.

Pics of the Cervelo once it gets here.

mymojo 10-06-11 03:30 PM

Dang! Fedex decided that a $1000+ package going to a residential address and requiring a signature should be delivered @ 10am on a Thursday.

Now I have to go to their sorting facility at lunch tomorrow. I was sooooo wanting to ride tonight!

mymojo 10-07-11 01:12 PM

Well I went for the Kool-Aid. I'll let ya know how it tastes later this eve.

But whats weird is that, sitting here looking at this bike, it doesn't feel like I downgraded at all.

magohn 10-07-11 04:39 PM

Nice looking ride!

I had an experience will AllState insurance a few years ago. I has a decade old MTB that got stolen (Campag components). After telling them the components list on the stolen bike they sent me a "credit" of $3000 to go buy any bike I wanted :eek:
At that time I really didnt know what I wanted and so got an all black Santa Cruz Blur 4x. A really high-end bike (for me) that I think Ive riden a total of 5 times since 2005.

But what could I do? They insisted on spending the $ on a bike only! Wish I had that dilemma today...:rolleyes:

P.S. A month later some kids found my stolen bike and returned it to me. I called the insurance and they said to keep both unless they come by to claim the returned bike -t hey never did.

mymojo 10-07-11 07:40 PM

I wish my insurance story were quite that nice. Of course they hit me with a $2k deductible right off the bat. Then the agent tried to leave all the accessories (cages, bottle, lights etc) off the total. Then after professing that he was trying to get me as much as he could.... he then says that there is a 20% depreciation! After listening to me raise bloody hell over that one he changed it to 10%. Yeah Nationwide is on your side alright. After it was all said & done I got about 40% of the replacement value.

But what the hell it got me the S1 and an entry level tandem.

In a quick 3 mile test ride the S1 handles better than the Allez. It feels super light & responsive. I think I'm really gonna enjoy this bike. It'll be interesting once the Allez is built back up to be able to compare them head to head.

P.S. I'm secretly still hoping the police call and say they found the tarmac. Your story gives me hope. ;)

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