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dwellman 10-03-11 04:04 PM

If I have to Thomson, I will, but (butt). . .look at this clamp design:
Ok so I had a list of parts I wanted to get to finish building out my frame and last on the list is seatpost and stem.

I never thought about it until recently. . . but the KCNC / Token clamp looks well, suddenly not Clyde friendly. I saw a similar post, albiet in 6061 rather than the 7075 that had a recommended 80kg weight limit. Cursory examination of the literature leads me to believe 7075 Al is a bit tougher, but all that aside, there's a saddle involved, I'm concerned about support for the rails there:

Here's a link to some pictures from an Ebay seller:

I won't be getting from eBay anyway, there's an authorized deal in Canada goes for $85CAD

238lbs / 109kg right now, so. . . and I have absolutely no problems with my Selle Italia Flite (original ti rail one from way back when) on an even older Sugino SP-K.

Am I right to be concerned here and cancel my blingy Token for a more understated, but ultimately worry free alternative?

dwellman 10-03-11 04:11 PM

I'll answer myself, I suppose. . .

Rider weight limit: 120kg for road, 85kg for XC, for the pst, but What about this Antares K'ium rail?

maidenfan 10-03-11 10:17 PM

Well, I went through a bunch of different posts until I bought a Thomson for my bike. Very well made product and they definately have the best design going for adjustments.

dwellman 10-10-11 02:06 PM


Got a Thomson Masterpiece, gently used for $81


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