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mgw189 10-06-11 07:22 AM

Swapping out tires for winter
I picked up the Trek 7.3fx this summer which I have been using for commuting and exercise. After picking up the bike and riding all summer using the car very sparingly my car decided to off itself. The motor seized it was going to cost $3000 to replace the motor on a car that is over 10 years old I couldnt justify it. We do have one car in the family but I intend on doing as much commuting as I can on the bike even through the winter.

I live in Binghamton NY (Upstate) near the PA/NY border. We do get snow here so I am figuring some studded snow tires for the winter. The problem I am finding is that I cant find a 32mm studded snow tire. I found the 35mm Schwalbe Marathon Snow tire just wondering if its going to be an issue mounting this on the current rim or on the bike? I cant imagine it being that much of an issue. Also thinking of maybe just finding a cheaper wheelset to mount the snows on...

irclean 10-06-11 08:31 AM

Mounting the Schwalbes on the rim should pose no problem; the issue is gonna be clearance. Since fenders are a must-have for winter commuting clearance becomes an even bigger issue. FWIW one of my bikes came stock with 32 mm tires (like your bike) and I was able to fit 35 mm Schwalbe Marathon Winters and fenders, but your clearances might be a lot tighter than mine.

Having a second set of wheels is a great idea for those who can afford it. Keep in mind that road grit will stick to your brake pads and chew up nice aluminum rims over time. You probably want to consider some Kool-Stop Salmon pads to increase your braking power in winter conditions.

According to Peter White's website, he has 700*32 mm Nokian A10 studded tires in stock for $52 apiece.

mgw189 10-06-11 09:02 AM

Ahhh I see that now thanks... looking at it though it only has 40 or 72 studs as opposed to 270 in the Marathon I dont currently have fenders on the bike but they are something that I am looking at picking up this week actually

CliftonGK1 10-06-11 09:25 AM

For snow fenders, I prefer a crudboard style rather than a full coverage, as they're not likely to pack with heavy wet snow.

Leebo 10-06-11 12:03 PM

A10's are junk, go with the nokian 106's. Get a new crosscheck bike to fit them.

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