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chefisaac 10-09-11 01:28 PM

Ride Recap: Tour du Port
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3:30 am came pretty quick this morning (note to self: wine tasting all day the day before might not have been the best idea). Got up, showered, packed, ate and off to Delaware to meet Jim at a bakery….yes a bakery. Yum yum but “luckily” for us, it wasn’t open. No worries…. We will be back! :)

The drive was nice, a lot of talking about cycling and Jim giving me the low down on information from the area like history and such. The more time I spend in Delaware, the more I just love it.

We got there around 7 am, picked up our info and cue sheet and got ready to leave. At the beginning of the ride, you had to pick what route you wanted to do…. This is not typical of most of the hosted rides in which you can decide as you ride. On this ride, each mileage route went in a different direction. Jim and I opted for the 38 mile route. Sounded good to me.

Oh, before I go on…. a shameless plug. I don’t usually endorse stuff (except Giant Bikes and Brooks Saddles) but we picked up something called Cliff Shot Blocks at the start when registering. I must say, they are freaking good! And the sit well with my stomach.
Anyway, off we went. The first part was through the industrial area which means railroad tracks (a lot of them) and tons of bumps, shakes, rattles…. But we rolled on!
Each turn we took we saw something new and it seemed like we were in a new place. Industrial area, nice back roads, farm area, on the water, residential areas, highways, more back roads. That, to me, was the best part of the ride.

Jim and I took turns leading on the flats and up hills, as usual, Jim blasted by me (but I am continuing to work on that).

20 miles in was the first rest stop. Loaded up on some food and off we went. More of the changing scenery and then the last 10 miles were the hills. They were just rolling, not bad but you felt them. Then we came into the finish line for the part. Talked with some cool vendors like the folding bike guy and the AAA for bikes (more on that later).
We waited for the lunch and it came. Pasta salad and rolls…. And butter and donuts. Interesting. Thank goodness for the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Loaded up the bikes and headed back to Delaware. And of course the bakery was open! What? Open? And not stop? Ha! Jim bought us an éclair. Delicious of course and really big to boot.

So today, saw cool stuff and rode in Baltimore…. Never cycled in Baltimore so it was new to me!

Note: The pasta salad picture is funny becaue htey had these BIG tots of pasta salad and they had 8 of them. Crazy.

chefisaac 10-09-11 01:30 PM

The funny thing... I have no clue what the eclair tastes like. Gave it to my friend that live next to me.

green427 10-09-11 05:04 PM


Originally Posted by chefisaac (Post 13340140)
The funny thing... I have no clue what the eclair tastes like. Gave it to my friend that live next to me.

It tastes something like a Boston Cream doughnut with a different texture. Good thing you did not eat it, it has about 800 calories or so.

p.s. At first I thought the picture of the pasta was a box of worms....:eek:

Great ride report & pics!!

goldfinch 10-09-11 05:55 PM

AAA for bikes?

chefisaac 10-09-11 06:15 PM

AAA for bikes is freaking awesome. I will post info on it this week.

green: I have had MANY eclairs..... just not this one! :) you dont get a body like this with only eating on eclair!

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