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Allen55 11-02-11 02:38 PM

Just HAVE to tell someone...
I think I have a job! :thumb:

Got a call yesterday to get FedEx a copy of my DOT card, you know, the one that I couldn't get because of my diabetes? I went to a doctor today that FedEx sent me to and lo and behold I got my DOT card! I took it, along with the long copy of the physical to FedEx and within an hour, they called me and want me to be in orientation on Friday morning at 8am. I will take a road test and do paperwork. As long as I can drive a truck, Ill have a job...and if I can't do ANYTHING, I can drive a truck. LOL.

On top of it all, the terminal is about 9 miles from my house with rolling hills. I may get to commute to work! How cool is that?

Seattle Forrest 11-02-11 02:40 PM

Congratulations! :) :thumb:

If you're thinking of commuting by bike (and it's a good way to save money while getting your miles in), you should do a dry run while you have the time.

Mr. Beanz 11-02-11 02:42 PM

Niiice! More bike stuff!:D

DCB0 11-02-11 02:49 PM


My Grandfather told me a story once:

During the depression, he was standing in the 'assistance' line (which, if you knew my Grandfather you would know, was the absolute last place he would ever want to be) and a guy came up to him and said "you're a big guy... can you drive a truck?" He couldn't, so he said "of course I can!" And from that moment on he was a truck driver!

kc0yef 11-02-11 02:50 PM

SWEET Congratulations

jimnolimit 11-02-11 02:52 PM

congrats allen, i hope everything goes well friday.

BigdogEMT 11-02-11 02:55 PM

Great to hear someone that was looking for work rewarded for their time spent looking!
Keep pushing those pedals!!!

DaHaMac 11-02-11 03:49 PM


Ease into those commutes. I don't commute everyday but every day I do commute gets me stronger. You'll be outrunning the MUPpets on your hybrid bike very soon on the Silver Comet Trail.

Daspydyr 11-02-11 04:49 PM

Just get some 8track tapes to listen too when you drive. You know, songs about Wolf Creek Pass, Pedal to the Metal kinda stuff..............

Black wallnut 11-02-11 05:25 PM

Sheesh get some Damn DOT and really rock out. Congrats! I've a few former coworkers that went to work for Fedex, they say it was the best move they ever made. Good on ya!

jethro56 11-02-11 06:02 PM

Maybe they're going to do this:

shawmutt 11-02-11 06:11 PM

Congrats man, it's a great feeling!

DEK 11-02-11 06:58 PM

Great news!! Congrats. :thumb:

DaHaMac 11-02-11 07:00 PM

Originally Posted by jethro56 (Post 13445908)

Hey, that'd be a pretty cool second job for more cycling money! I wonder if you can consider pedaling that thing as HIIT?

Nottooslim 11-02-11 07:18 PM

Really great news! Good Luck on Friday!

cyclokitty 11-02-11 09:33 PM

Congrats on the new job! I've heard Fedex is a good employer. Extra congrats if you get to bike commute there! Awesome stuff.

Joe Bicycle 11-03-11 05:31 AM

Way Hella Cool :thumb: Congratulations and good luck on the new job.

10 Wheels 11-03-11 05:42 AM

That is Cool..

chefisaac 11-03-11 12:11 PM

thats awesome!

dhender02 11-03-11 07:30 PM

CONGRATS!!!! Yeah, FedEx is a good company, I did some consulting work at their corporate hdq in Memphis a while back for about a year....

otg 11-03-11 07:45 PM

Hope it goes well. I've been out of work for close to two years now. The plant where I worked closed on December 31st. 2009. Decided to go to college at age 55. I'll be finishing up next month, I hope the job search goes well for me also. I've interviewd at a power plant that is about 12 miles from my house. Really hoping to hear back from them, but at my age it's kind of tough. Best of luck with the new job!!

Neil_B 11-03-11 10:01 PM


Don Gwinn 11-04-11 09:58 AM

That's big news!

I like the irony of the guy who commutes on his bike to drive a truck all day. :D But it makes sense . . . why do even another few minutes of your day job every morning and afternoon when you could be taking a bike ride instead?

jr59 11-04-11 10:30 AM

Good for you!

Nightshade 11-04-11 11:19 AM

A cup o' coffee to your success , mate!

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