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funrover 11-26-11 08:43 AM

Tuesday night ride Nov 22
Steve and I met up for the night ride around Chatfield, it turned into a hike. No far at all into our ride we came across a nice little Goat Head patch across the trail, being night we didn't notice till it was too late ( 3 tires flat, not enough patches to fix). Still had a great time. This was a rought start to the Winter Cruising scene.

freighttraininguphill 11-26-11 09:09 AM

Is that a blue headlight, or is it just the bluish tint of some white LED's? Looks cool!

I recommend Stop Flats (formerly Mr. Tuffy) tire liners and/or Slime to protect against goathead thorns.

paisan 11-26-11 10:13 AM

That second picture came out pretty awesome.

I also think you should give the Tuffy tire liners a try. I'm not sure if they've changed over the years but I used them in my commuter days(both 26 and 700c). I remember getting to work one day and someone asked what was in my tire. Sure enough I had a sliver of glass in my tire, no clue how long it had been there but the tuffy stopped it from getting to the tube.

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