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rojeho 11-28-11 08:08 PM

Does a trainer change the stress on wheels
I've got a great set of Vuelta Corsa HD's on my road bike. I am getting ready to buy a second bike (found a great deal) to keep on a trainer. It has "normal biker" wheels on it. Will my 260# be as hard on wheels on the trainer as it was on the road (out of round every couple hundred miles before I switched to the Corsa HD's).

I'll go searching, but any advice on a type or model trainer?

Rhodabike 11-28-11 08:23 PM

Since you won't be going over any potholes, level crossings, or tree roots, probably not. Maybe some sideways stress if you really mash gears.
I've had a Minoura Mag-Turbo trainer for some years now and have never had a problem with it.

CliftonGK1 11-29-11 11:12 AM

Regular stand-style trainers clamp the bike by the rear axle and use adjustable pressure to hold the roller against the rear wheel. There won't be the same force at work as putting your full weight on the wheel, but rollers/trainers are hell on tires so get a cheapo tire, use a worn out one from the summer, or buy a high-wear trainer tire instead of wearing out your good rubber.

I'd worry less about the wheel and more about the QR and axle. With clamp on trainers that attach at the axle, I prefer to use a beater skewer so I don't bang up my nice stuff; plus the cheap ones tend to be a little heavier and resistant to abuse than the lightweight expensive ones.

gbg 11-29-11 05:18 PM

If you want the least stress and most realistic ride, get rollers.
I think trainers stress the rear triangle WAY more than riding, not so much the wheels.

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