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ThermionicScott 12-19-11 11:02 AM

Kinda late to the thread, but my Eros only fit 700x30 tires after some mild clearancing of the fork and brake calipers. 700x28s (which I'll be using next) should fit with no issues. That said, the Italian ones might be different. :thumb:

- Scott

Max C. 12-20-11 02:16 AM

I run generic Kenda 25mm tires. My swing weight is between 208 and 215 and they work fine, through my next set will be 28mm just to see how they work. Sometimes the 25s are a bit rough. If nothing else, a better quality 25mm would feel nicer.

Myosmith 12-20-11 09:30 PM

I have had good luck with Bontrager H2 Eco tires in 700 x 28 for general purpose commuting, fitness/pleasure riding, and non-competitive group riding (yeah, I know its an oxymoron). Put 1,200+ miles on this summer (also had the H2 Ecos in 26 x 1.5 inch on my hybridized trail bike) and never had a flat even though I rode on gravel, broken pavement, and occassional dirt/turf trails. They are comfortable riding and grip well on wet or loose surfaces. Price isn't bad either, around $25 each).

M_Wales 12-20-11 10:44 PM

I'm 225 lbs on 23mm Michelin Pro 3's and Pro 4's with no problems at all...

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