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freighttraininguphill 12-12-11 08:46 AM

My second steep climb video with the GoPro-head tube mount this time
This time I mounted the GoPro HD Hero 960 on the head tube of my Sirrus with a Pedco UltraClamp 2.5. The regular size UltraClamp only fits objects up to 1.5" in diameter and didn't fit on the head tube, so I bought the 2.5.

Mounting the camera on the head tube eliminates most of the shakiness that you see in my older videos where the camera was mounted on the handlebars. Of course that shakiness is most evident on steep climbs, so on this ride it would have been ridiculous. There were lots of grades in the mid to high teens, and some in the low twenties. Max grade was 23%.

This is Screech Owl Creek Road in eastern El Dorado Hills, CA.

Top of climb. Notice how hazy it is.

Here's a couple pics of the camera on the mount.

freighttraininguphill 12-18-11 10:27 PM

Here's a climb and descent recorded with the GoPro mounted on the head tube. This is my first ride up this side of Aberdeen Lane in El Dorado Hills, CA. Usually I descend this side after climbing the other side, which is steeper. This time I descended the steeper side.

View from the top of Highland Hills Drive, which is the next hill to the west. The curvy road on the far right with darker asphalt on the top half is the steep side of Aberdeen.
Zoomed-in shot.

funrover 12-18-11 11:07 PM

Way to stay with it, looks like a hell of a climb!

freighttraininguphill 12-19-11 12:04 AM

Thanks. :) Screech Owl was a hard one. Aberdeen was a bit easier. It wasn't as steep as it looked all the times I descended it. The Garmin didn't show the steepness of the descent in today's ride either. The steep side of Aberdeen has grades in the teens with a max grade of 17%, but the Garmin showed much lower readings while descending.

freighttraininguphill 12-20-11 01:44 AM

Here's a couple more climbs from yesterday's ride. This video is a good way to compare the GoPro to the ContourHD, since it was recorded with both cameras. I stopped recording prematurely on the GoPro because I thought I was at the top of the hill when it was really a false summit, so the last half of the footage is from the helmet-mounted ContourHD. The first half is from the GoPro mounted on the head tube.

Since I was exploring the area and didn't know how long this climb was, I only pushed hard on the steep parts at the beginning and a little at the very end.

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