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Askel 12-17-11 11:31 PM

Fat bikes!

7:15am this morning. Obligatory witch's tit reference.

Fat (bike) fuel.

Happiness is sunrise. Also, kickstands are for *******.


Home by noon. With even more respect for people who do things like the Arrowhead 135.

goldfinch 12-18-11 07:59 AM

Ja, Yooper poy, looks fun, fir sure.

donalson 12-22-11 02:19 PM

looks like miserable fun :)...

I'd love to justify a fat bike for sand riding down here in FL... if I lived up north i'd prob build one... still think a fat front bike would work for our trails around here...

funrover 12-22-11 02:30 PM

God I want one of those bikes! Thanks for the pics!

Daspydyr 12-22-11 06:15 PM


rasmith3530 12-22-11 11:22 PM

That Phat bike ROCKS! So do those hotcakes from what I can see.

Askel 12-23-11 08:28 AM

Did our first group ride last night. Even more crazy fun.

I gotta say, I was on the fence for years on one of these. I don't regret pulling the trigger for even a second.

So much more versatile than just snow. Really great in rough stuff that doesn't even qualify as a trail. Super comfy with those big fat tires.

The only thing that might hold me back from just riding this thing all the time are the expensive tires. Kind of hoping the price goes down a bit as this trend takes off.

Pistard 12-23-11 03:38 PM

I bet the trend will take off, they are just too cool, I got a place in Maine by the Water, I can see using one all day along deserted beaches and woods, back home in the Adirondacks going along the old logging trails ( maybee a great tool for Bow hunting...) only problem I see is you can probably get lost easy by yourself, gotta have a GPS.

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