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Neil_B 01-28-12 11:45 AM

577 pound guy drops 270 pounds, runs 10K.

These words caught my eye:

' "The absolute best thing about all the weight that I've lost is just waking up every day and realizing that I don't weigh 577 pounds anymore," he said with a laugh. '

I can relate to that.

Also, this is interesting:

"After dropping his first 70 pounds, Bryan decided to hire a personal trainer. This wasn't the first time he had tried to lose weight by exercising, and in the past he had burned himself out pushing too hard, too fast. His trainer, Martha Peake, started slowly. At first, all they did was sit down and stand up. For the 500-pound Bryan, that was enough."

When I posted about fatploitation programs last week, I mentioned the physical trainers on those shows routinely put super obese people at risk for hurting themselves. The trainer in the article approached it properly, I think, by working on the basic skills these people lack. Standing up without bracing myself was a problem for me at 400 pounds. I can't imagine trying it at 500 some.

dcrowell 01-28-12 11:48 AM

Neat. I had saw the article a few days ago, but I was at work and only skimmed it. I missed the personal trainer bit.

kenseth03 01-28-12 09:47 PM

Wow!! I love these inspirational stories. It's sad that he had a pulminary imbulism to get his wake up call but at least he made it through and made the best of his second chance.

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