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chefisaac 01-31-12 01:50 PM

100 Plus Mile Club: February Edition: Time to Give Some LOVINí to Your Saddle!
Alrighty my friends.... Now we conquered January, it is time to think February!

Time to give some loving to your saddle and get out and ride! 100 miles plus club right here... right now.

Whats your goal?

Iron Chef: 200 miles

YOU ALL CAN DO THIS! Wake up and Ride!!!!!!!!!!!!

avmech 01-31-12 03:07 PM

going to shoot for 200 or more

IAmCosmo 01-31-12 03:45 PM

My wife is having surgery tomorrow morning, and will be out of commission for 2 weeks. Which means I'll probably be at home taking care of her for 2 weeks. Nothing serious - carpal tunnel - but it's on her main hand and she won't be able to do the stuff she normally does.

So, it will probably be mid-month before I can do much riding, but I'm going to go ahead right now and say that I'm going to get in at least 100 miles in February.

caphits 01-31-12 04:23 PM

200 this month. I got new wheels, and I'm no longer afraid to go out on long distance rides.
<<-------Sissy. No miles today. Great weather. :( The rest of the week is probably done for too. There is gonna be snow tomorrow.

This weather has been pretty great for snow. I saw a total of 5 flakes. Really.

30.5 Miles. First ride with my PSIMets.

Sayre Kulp 01-31-12 04:47 PM

I'll shoot for 250-300 this month. Even if I get down to Florida and am able to ride a lot, the loss of time due to travel will probably balance out the difference.

Mr Sinister 01-31-12 05:25 PM

been doing my riding on a trainer... MOST of it. I am up for 200-300 miles. Just looked at Jans. numbers on my computer...

Distance traveled - 208.10 miles (doesn't include going out on the mountain bike twice)
Average speed - 21.6 mph ( need this up around 25-30)
MAX Speed - 45.7 MPH (maybe I held this for 5 seconds, maybe 5 minutes, who knows.)

Trainers are OK, but I can't really count all of these numbers, as they are in perfectly controled enviroments. No wind, no rain, perfect temp....

Seattle Forrest 01-31-12 05:32 PM

Feb is the Chilly Hilly. You're all invited to come do the ride ... but you can't stay at my place. (It's a pretty small apartment, don't take it personally. I love you folks.)

I got my new wheels yesterday, and the glue should be dry by the time I get out of work. If we get any dry weather, I'm hoping for a chance to ride them. :o

Otherwise, my goals for the next month really aren't bike related. I'll be doing lots of cycling at every opportunity, but the stuff I'm concentrating on and hoping to accomplish is more along the lines of being accepted to a mountaineering class, maybe paddling the Skagit delta because it's eagle season, and stuff like that.

goldfinch 01-31-12 06:55 PM

Well, I busted 400 last month but I don't think that I am going to use that as a goal and stick with my 300. I'd like to get in some faster, shorter rides. But then again, I have these guys I've been riding with and their rides are a minimum of 25 miles. On with them tomorrow.

peteydink 01-31-12 09:23 PM

I am going to shoot for 400 - 500 miles. That is roughly 17 rides over my 30 mile loop which seems reasonable. I hope to get some 50 to 60 mile rides in too. I am seriously considering the Transam this year if I can get the weight down to around the 210 mark from 230 in the next three months.

CBuff 01-31-12 09:54 PM

I'll sign up for 300 miles this month.

DEK 01-31-12 10:15 PM

Last month I thought I'd only get 200 and I made 400+. So this month I'm going to say 300 and see what happens.

seenoweevil 02-01-12 03:17 AM

I'll shoot for 200 again. Better luck this month maybe. It's raining now and supposed to continue the next 4 or 5 days, but I hope to play catch up.

BionicChris 02-01-12 04:02 AM

I am going for 110 as my minimum, if I can get to 150 then that would be great. I am aiming to be doing 200 in a month by June when chemo should have finished.

Gravity Aided 02-01-12 06:04 AM

I'll shoot for at least 100 , February is usually the worst weather , but it's been a mild winter so far

SamChevre 02-01-12 09:17 AM

I'm trying for 300 again.

chefisaac 02-01-12 11:41 AM

this will be a GREAT month.

dygituljunky 02-01-12 02:28 PM

In for 300 km, again. Going for 3600 km for the year.

Also going for -5 lb this month. 257.7 lb today.

Mithrandir 02-01-12 02:57 PM

No promises, except I will attempt at least one bike ride.

Hill-Pumper 02-01-12 03:24 PM

If I can count running miles, I might be able to get over 100. I did 71 miles running, and only 7 on the bike last month. My bike miles are going to be low until after April when I get my half marathon done.

chefisaac 02-01-12 03:59 PM

2-1-12: 22 miles

Ursa Minor 02-01-12 04:28 PM

I'm gonna shoot for 300 miles in Feb. Did a nice 20 miler today so I'm


goldfinch 02-01-12 04:34 PM

2/1/12 25.44 with the guys, along the ugly wall barring Mexico.
2/2/12 30 miles with the guys, 10 miles in the rain. Felt like a kid!
2/3 8.27 casual miles
2/4 4.23 around the park
2/5 rain

67.94 for the month

Black wallnut 02-01-12 09:10 PM

I'm shooting for 200 depending on weather. Wishing the little snow we have left will be gone soon and that the city sweeps the streets. I have beat my weight goal for this winter so far in that I've not only not gained more than ten pounds I have actually lost a few.

lenny866 02-02-12 04:01 AM

I'll go for another 100......this is crazy.....I should be on my snowmobile this time of year, not my bike!!

contango 02-02-12 04:53 AM

Hopefully it will warm up here, the wet cold we get round these parts is pretty nasty, and since my body shape has been changing since I started cycling I'm reluctant to spend on cycling-specific clothing as it's likely to be the wrong size/shape before I get decent value out of it.

Aiming for 2-300 this month. Depending on the weather might manage to go over that... we'll see.

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