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99m6z28 02-04-12 08:44 AM

Getting a New bike today!!!!
My LBS opens the doors at 10am today and I will be there to get a new bike. I am looking at a few diffrent ones and they are all much diffrent bikes in comparison. I am looking at the Cervelo RS, Cervelo S2 and Specialized Tarmac SL2. Both Cervelos have full Rival and the Tarmac has full Ultegra. I know these are all toatlly different bikes so I plan on getting on each one to see how they feel. I feel I will end up with the RS because it offers a much more upright position where as the other to are more of an aggressive racing position. Stay tuned to see what I get!

Neil_B 02-04-12 09:14 AM

Setting our watches to Texas time so we know when to start looking for an update.....

99m6z28 02-04-12 09:34 AM

Lol! I am hoping to be able to bring it home today but i know there will be a chance I won't be able to. They have all thee in my size but they will have to be assembled.

contango 02-04-12 09:53 AM


Originally Posted by 99m6z28 (Post 13808122)
Lol! I am hoping to be able to bring it home today but i know there will be a chance I won't be able to. They have all thee in my size but they will have to be assembled.

That's what the waiting room was invented for :)

Post a pic when you get it!

99m6z28 02-04-12 11:36 AM

I rode all 3 and the Cervéo RS is the winner! I upgraded the wheels for some Fulcrum Racing 1 tubeless and I will be going back to pick it up this afternoon! Pics coming soon!

TrojanHorse 02-04-12 11:38 AM

Care to post your impressions?

And get cracking with the pictures! :)

99m6z28 02-04-12 11:44 AM

The Tarmac and the S2 were just too race oriented for my riding style. I really liked the more upright positioning offered by the RS. Also, the RS was a very smooth ride! Felt like a cloud! Oh and the SRAM components felt light years ahead of the Ultegra on the Tarmac.

bassjones 02-04-12 03:00 PM

Pictures or no bike :)

99m6z28 02-04-12 03:46 PM

It did happen! Sorry for the dalay on the pics but I am trying to get it ready for my first ride. I will be braving 20 mph wind but I cant wait to ride it.

Components are:
Speedplay Zero pedals
SRAM Rival Front Derailer
SRAM Rival Rear Derailer
SRAM Rival Shifters
FSA Gossamer Crank set
FSA Gossamer Front and Rear brakes
3T Dorico Team Seat Post
3T Funda Pro Fork
fi'zi:k pave cx seat (will be swapped out for Taupe)
fi'zi:k Bar Tape
FSA Gossamer Handle Bars
Specialized Bottle Cages
Fulcrum Racing 1 Tubeless Wheels
Hutchinson Intensive Road Tubeless tires

I am in love with this bike! All I have to do now is attach my Garmin and go!

99m6z28 02-04-12 05:55 PM

I took it for a quick 10 mile shake down ride. The wind was 20 from the north and brutal but the ride was great. The bike performs excellent. I was having a little trouble my speed plays and had to adjust them when I got home. They kept disengaging. Also I don't really care for the seat that came on it so i put my specialized toupe on it so I will see how it goes. Hopefully the wind wont be too bad tomorrow so I can put a few more miles on my new baby! It's a he'll of a big improvement from my cheap Bikes Direct Motobecane Vent Noir starter bike. The Motobecane weighed in at 28 lbs when in ridding configuration and the Cervélo weighs in at about 18 in ride config. I am very happy with the purchase and wish I would have done it a long time ago. Cheers!

cyclokitty 02-04-12 06:37 PM

Gorgeous new baby! Enjoy!

TrojanHorse 02-04-12 07:09 PM

Interesting that you thought the rival worked better than Ultegra. I switched over to SRAM about 2 years ago (mostly force) and I love the rear shifting, still not convinced about the front. It took me a few months to stop downshifting when I meant to upshift, it's a little bit of muscle reprogramming in there.

That is a DAMN sharp looking bike. Congratulations! What size frame did you get?

99m6z28 02-04-12 07:30 PM

I ended up with a 56. For some reason to me the SRAM just feels really light and much more ergonomic than the shimano components. Thanks for the compliments!

bassjones 02-04-12 08:13 PM

Beautiful bike!!!

contango 02-05-12 01:16 PM

Looks very nice... I normally prefer black but that one looks awesome in white and red.

Neil_B 02-05-12 01:19 PM

Very pretty.

Crazydad 02-05-12 03:28 PM

Sweet ride!

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