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youcoming 02-06-12 12:07 AM

First Ride of the Season
Did this ride the other day first one of the year. As you can tell we have no mountains but a lot of rollers with some sharp pitches. Only thing I don't believe about mapmyride is some of the grade averages they give. The Cat5 climb the have listed at 2.8%average grade is actually like a wall, only a km long but the true average is 12% with places at 15%, it was great to get outside on the bike in this winters weird weather. Did take 30 minutes to clean bike after though, damn road salt and sand!

Black wallnut 02-06-12 12:38 AM

Looks like a nice ride. I've found mmr climb data to be a bit off as well. Over time I have seen climbs change classification, while I know the road has not gotten any steeper.

chefisaac 02-06-12 11:35 AM

I bet it felt great to get back out. When I travel for a week and cannot ride, it always feels great to get back on. If I am traveling for two weeks and cannot ride.... I might be happy to get back on the saddle but you lose a lot when you are off the saddle for more then a week or so. So I dred it too! :)

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