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Rdrcr 02-06-12 04:41 AM

Are these tires ok for me?
700*28c I am 6ft and 225lbs. just wanted to make sure before I commit to a road hybrid. If not i'd go with a bike that has 700*35 tires. thanks

Hendricks97 02-06-12 08:19 AM

Im 6'4" and weigh 250 and I am currently riding 700*23 on my road bike, so you will be fine

indyfabz 02-06-12 08:26 AM

Depending on the rim, you might be able to ride either size tire.

CACycling 02-06-12 11:01 AM

28s will not be a problem.

phlydude 02-06-12 11:14 AM

yes, you will be fine

6ft and 285 and I ride a 700x25 @110psi - no issues - just make sure your rim is decent enough and can handle the air pressure you plan on running - tires usually can hold more pressure than the rims that they are mounted on

Mr Sinister 02-06-12 11:23 AM

I am 6 foot, 225 pounds. I use either a 700x23c or a 700x28c... Your tires are fine.

Velo Dog 02-06-12 07:23 PM

Tires are changeable. On the same set of wheels, I've ridden thousands of miles on tires from 23 to 41mm, with no troubles ever. Buy a bike you like and swap tires if necessary.
As for what you SHOULD ride, opinions vary, but everyone who disagrees with me is wrong... Seriously, I weigh 240, and I wouldn't ride anything smaller than 32s. To a degree that's a matter of personal choice, but I've been riding semi-seriously since college in the '70s, and I've found no advantage to hard, skinny tires. Most of my riding these days is on 700x35 Panaracer Paselas.

nymtber 02-06-12 11:44 PM

5'8 here and have ranged from 225-235 (current) since buying my Sirrus. It has 700x28c, no issues.

I also HAD an Allez with 700x23c tires, I was 215-220 back then, again, never a single issue. Im positive I could jump back on 23c tires at my current weight.

both 28c and 23c have been inflated to about 120psi...

Myosmith 02-07-12 08:28 AM

I'm 5'11" and 230 pounds. I've got Bontreger H2 Eco tires in 700 x 28 on my light touring bike and find them a good compromise between comfort and low rolling resistance. I run them at about 85 psi even though they are only rated to 80 but haven't had any problems in 1,000+ miles last year. Very comfortable all around tire. I've got 700 x 23s on my road bike, which is new to me and has very few miles on it. The ride is harsher (probably due to the aluminum frame as much as the tires) but significantly quicker.

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