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iforgotmename 02-10-12 07:55 PM

Me and Bud
Here is a short video of my number one trail riding dog Bud

troutbreath 02-10-12 08:08 PM

Two thumbs up!

iforgotmename 02-10-12 08:09 PM

Thanks trout...bud is a great riding partner.

Ken_onabike 02-11-12 01:37 AM

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Thanks for the great video.

Sort of made me a bit sad though. When we moved to a unit complex in town a year ago, we had to find another home for our dog. I sure miss that old fella.

There are compensations however as now I get to ride once a week with my grandaughters...

tergal 02-11-12 02:52 AM


Originally Posted by iforgotmename (Post 13837218)
Here is a short video of my number one trail riding dog Bud

That is very cool, how long did it take you to train him or did he just do it naturally?

goldfinch 02-11-12 07:56 AM

Fabulous! Reminds me of my old dog Spike, who used to cross country ski with us years ago. Love the music too!

rec3036 02-11-12 08:59 AM

that is awesome.... never have to worry about your partner bailing on you! much more fun to ride with a partner! suffering in company is better than suffering alone!! I seem to always push myself to hard when riding alone...

funrover 02-11-12 10:23 AM

Great companion and fun trails! Thanks for the video!

iforgotmename 02-11-12 11:33 AM

Thanks everyone.

I have walked Bud on the bike since he was a pup, when we are on the streets I just hang the leash over the bars. It's a great way to get him some real exercise at his pace.

TrojanHorse 02-12-12 11:26 PM

I know I'd have about 10 crashes per ride if I tried "walking" my dog on a bike. I'd love to do it though!

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