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jclark 02-14-12 11:25 AM

Looking for a new road bike
This is my 1st post, but I've been lurking for a while.
I've been riding for fitness for about 2 years. I started on a Walmart MTB and upgraded to a Giant Revel II. After putting 1000 miles on the Gaint, I switched to a Trek 1.1 alpha in September of 2011. I put around 500 miles on it, I was up to 20 mile rides at about a 17 mph average. In November, I was in a substantial crash on the Trek which left me with a fractured shoulder blade. The short story of the crash was I hit a neighborhood dog, 1.5 mils from my house at 20 to 22 mph, lesson learned and the dog is fine, but my Trek is trashed.
When I was able I started riding agian on my Giant and now I got the itch for a road bike again. I talked with 2 LBS and found a Jamis Ventura Sport and Specialized Allez in my size and I plan on looking at them this week. I was wondering if anybody has any experience with either of these two bikes and any pro's or con's of these two.

Seattle Forrest 02-14-12 12:03 PM

Why not get another Trek 1.1 Alpha? I mean, with that as a reference for road bikes, what did/didn't you like, and was there anything you're hoping to improve?

I don't know much about either of the bikes you're looking at, other than to say the Allez seems to be pretty well respected. You might want to check the road forum for more feedback as well as this one.

jclark 02-14-12 12:08 PM

Looking at bikes in stock, however that may change.

nymtber 02-14-12 12:14 PM

I had a 2006 Allez Triple that, while I loved the bike, I sold. It was a quick bike, stiff frame and really put the power down. I sold it thinking I was done riding on the road, and a year after selling it bought my Sirrus and I am back on the road. I miss the Allez at times, and I would recommend it highly! I am a personal fan of flat handlebars, otherwise I probably would have kept the Allez, to be honest.

Take them both for a test ride. Let the bikes tell you which to buy.

jsigone 02-14-12 12:27 PM

the new 2012 Allez looks pretty good, I'd say this is a good time to upgrade a lil, get something w/ 105 shifters.

Seattle Forrest 02-14-12 12:31 PM


Originally Posted by jclark (Post 13850828)
Looking at bikes in stock, however that may change.

Sure. But it's not like they make a lot of good bikes, in an absolute sense, and then pepper the market with a few bad ones, to make sure you're paying attention.

The more we know about you, as a cyclist, the better advice we'll be able to give. That's why I asked what you liked and didn't like about the road bike you used to have.

CommuteCommando 02-14-12 01:51 PM

I got a Masi Partenza, and plan on rewarding my self when I hit 180# with carbon fiber Masi Evolutzione. I went with Masi because the LBS I found that I like carries them, and Surly. Half of his inventory is old steel bikes that he rebuilds well. I feel that service is as important as the actual bike itself, and at that price point, the difference in feel and ride of the bike is less important to me.

gyozadude 02-14-12 03:37 PM

I like the color on the Jamis a bit more than the Allez. Otherwise, I guess the biggest difference is the CrMo steerer with aluminum blades on the Jamis fork, and the alloy steerer with carbon fibre blades on the Specialized fork. Price being about the same, with the Specialized about $100 more in MSRP. So which one rides better for you? Personally, I was looking for another beater road bike to do casual rides and commuting with, and watched Craigslist for a few months, until one day, an old 1985 Bridgestone 600 showed up in my size and I bought it for only $200. I put brifters and new HG FW on it and rebuilt the wheels and swapped for a wider handlebar. For less than $400, I had a nice steel bike that rides like a classic steel frame, and I have a lot more confidence in.

CraigB 02-14-12 04:03 PM


Originally Posted by nymtber (Post 13850864)
Take them both for a test ride. Let the bikes tell you which to buy.

Agree. If neither speaks more loudly than the other, then you haven't found the right bike yet. In my experience you will absolutely know it when you feel it.

CraigB 02-14-12 04:06 PM

oops...never mind. Didn't read carefully. I meant what I said above, just not what I said in this post. ;)

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