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SoapPeddler 03-04-12 07:32 PM

What a great surprise. A bicycling forum just for riders like me.
I'm definitely a clyde, 6'2", 290 lbs. Back in the mid 90's when I rode about 2000 miles per year I still weighed about 220. I've passed the 50 year old milestone and finally started taking my health seriously after reading "Younger Next Year". I've been walking 5-6 times per week since Nov, 13 and added weight lifting three weeks ago along with some swimming and stationary bike riding. But what I am really looking forward to is bicycling. My old cold weather gear doesn't fit and I don't want to buy new stuff this year because it will be too big next winter.

The final piece of the puzzle will be to get my eating under control. Two simple rules as laid out by the book. 1. Stop Eating Crap. 2. Eat Less. So simple even I can understand it.

I'm looking forward to hanging around this forum.

BHOFM 03-04-12 07:38 PM

1. Stop Eating Crap. 2. Eat Less
That's all I did and dropped over seventy pounds the first
year. Thirty the next. 318 to 220'ish.

Welcome to the mad house.

BTW, my program was nice breakfast, very light lunch, modest
dinner. NO cakes, pies, candy, only "0" sodas. Lime water,
And stick to it! I went from struggling at ten miles to doing seventy
plus a day a year later.

jethro56 03-04-12 08:36 PM

Welcome. You're going about it the same way I did. I waited to get serious about weightloss until I'd formed a good exercise habit. I stopped eating fast food and never went back. I'll always be a Clyde but now I weigh half of what I did before.

TrojanHorse 03-04-12 09:42 PM

Welcome! you'll find all sorts of riders here, it's a nice place to hang out.

I think the secret to eating better is not dieting... dieting is so transitory, we just need to change our expectations. And for me, eat slower... I could eat a horse before my body tells me its full, so I personally have to wait before heading back for seconds. :) YMMV.

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