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hawk8945 03-11-12 09:01 PM

Signing up for a mud race
So some of the coaches I work with and I were at a bar and everyone started boasting so we all made a pact to sign up for a 5k mud race at the end of April. I can run 1.5 miles in under 15 minutes with not too much problems and am quite confident in the other obstacles, just wondering if any of you guys have ever run a mud race or know much about it. Thanks guys and keep up the hard work.

TrojanHorse 03-11-12 09:53 PM

Nothing like a little testosterone getting you in over your head!

You do know that 5k is slightly more than twice as far as 1.5 miles... get training. ;)

Oh, and wear old nasty sneakers that you can throw away when you're done.

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